How to Virtualize Your Desktop

At Quikteks we aim to take the worry out of your IT management. One way we can do that is by hosting your desktop environments from our own data center. With Quikteks Hosted Desktop you can virtualize your whole office. Your staff can use a web browser from wherever they are to access their desktops with almost any device. The big advantage of a virtualized desktop is that you can reduce your business technology spending and bills for IT management and support.

With our Hosted Desktop Platform all your applications and data are stored in our network operations center. It’s protected with cutting edge technological and physical security, so worrying about the safety of your data will never be an issue for you again.

Thin Clients

In business technology, when you use a central server rather than your computer’s hard drive for data storage this is known as a ‘thin client’ solution. With virtualization, Quikteks will deal with software management and updates and also cut the costs of purchasing and maintaining hardware. We’ll worry about keeping your business tech updated so you don’t have to. If you move your IT operations to the cloud you can use thin client terminals for everything you do. They need nothing more than minimal hardware and internet access to connect with our services. This means that it’s a cost-effective route to follow.

You’ll save in other ways too. Thin clients cost a lot less to power than conventional workstations, cutting your energy bills. Thin client terminals also have a longer lifestyle than traditional computers, because there’s no requirement to upgrade to handle the increased processor load that new applications often entail. You’ll also receive full desktop support from us, so you won’t need in-house support staff.

Reap the Benefits of Mobile Working

With Quikteks’ Hosted Desktop all you need to work from anywhere is an internet connection. Providing the tools to access documents and data remotely helps your staff to be more productive and gets rid of the need for them to return to the office to carry out their work.

Enhanced Data Security

With a virtualized desktop your data is securely stored in our state-of-the-art data center, not on devices that can be lost or stolen. You can be confident that your company documents and sensitive data are securely stored and less vulnerable to falling into the hands of someone else.

Do you want to find out more about virtualization and our Hosted Desktop solution? We’re always happy to discuss your business technology needs and data security. Call Quikteks today on (973) 882-4644 for more information.