What do hackers look for when choosing a victim? While some hackers specialize in targeting high-profile companies and executives, most hackers choose the easiest targets. If your company has weak network security, then you have a target on your back.

Are You Low Hanging Fruit?

Hackers tend to operate under the low-hanging fruit principle. A fruit tree has fruit on every branch. The best fruit is up high because the top of the tree gets more sunlight. Hackers will generally only go after the low-hanging fruit because it is easier. They attack a huge number of badly protected businesses at once, knowing that they’ll succeed with a certain percentage.

You Are the Cyber-Target

Many small to medium-sized businesses think that because they are small, they are not an attractive target for hackers, so why invest in security? Surely a hacker would go after a giant corporation before they would go after you, right? Wrong. If you are using old software, you rarely update, and you’re using basic security settings, a hacker will prefer going after you over a well-protected corporation any day.

Yes, Even You

Even if your company has little funds to steal, a hacker can still find sensitive data that will lead them to other valuable cybercrime opportunities. If a hacker breaches your network and has free range, they will be able to glean data on you, your employees, and even your customers, and continue hacking from those access points. That’s why even a tiny company is worth the hacking effort.

To protect yourself from hackers, enact the strongest security measures possible. Quikteks Tech Support can help. Give us a call at (973) 882-4644 for a free network assessment. We will find the vulnerabilities that hackers look for and suggest security solutions that will put your company out of reach.