Do you operate your business proactively or reactively? While many businesses still approach their technology issues reactively, the proactive approach is more effective for business today. Let’s explore both strategies.

What Does a Reactive Approach Look Like?

A business that doesn’t change until something happens is reactive; ramping up when a new competitor appears, or scaling back when the local economy takes a dive. This method can leave you behind the eight ball, in a weak strategic position. Your competition has the lead on you, and you’re busy playing catch-up.

What A Proactive Approach Looks Like

Rather than waiting for something to interfere with business operations, a proactive business analyzes the data they have collected, identifies trends, and uses this information to prepare for the possibilities.

One proactive behavior we recommend is to maintain a secure offsite data backup. Managed services are proactive by definition because they monitor your technology and catch issues early.

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