As your business grows, so must your network infrastructure expand . If your IT infrastructure is not keeping up with your needs, maybe it’s time to upgrade your servers or virtualize an existing one. Servers are highly configurable and customizable. Here are 4 things to consider when shopping for a new server.

Your Needs

Be sure you understand the workload you will be placing on a server before purchasing one. For example, if you’re going to use your server to host a single business application, then a low-end server may cost you less than $1,500. If you have more intense workloads, like hosting a highly-trafficked website, then you will need a more high-end server.

Scalability: Leaving Room for Growth

Business owners also need to consider short-term growth. Overlooking short-term growth can lead to having to purchase additional equipment in the near future. Is it more economical to add RAM to a server that you already own, instead of buying one low-end server unit after another, or paying for a server that’s more than what you need today in preparation for tomorrow?


Consider your company’s environment when buying a server. Do you go with a rack server or a tower server? If you already own an equipment rack with available space, for example, then get a rack server. Servers also put out heat, are loud, and need a clean and open space for good airflow if you want them to last.

Data Redundancy/Fault Tolerance

Configuring a server for fault tolerance is also very important. Consider how much economic damage is done to your business when your server is down; employees sitting on their hands, loss of credibility and client good will, and loss of new business. You might want to add additional RAM, RAID 5 formatted hard drive space, and processor speed at the time of purchase. To give your network infrastructure the best data backup solution possible, consider a backup and disaster recovery solution from Quikteks.

Free Professional Advice

This is complicated stuff. You’re better off getting a professional eye on your situation, and we’ll come in and evaluate your IT needs for free. We may even be able to save you money by virtualizing your server.

In any case, a new server is a major purchase that will affect your entire IT infrastructure, so it’s prudent to have knowledgeable IT experts like the technicians at Quikteks. Call us at (973) 882-4644.