The technology that is critical to your organization doesn’t manage itself. IT management is something many smaller businesses sometimes struggle with, because of staffing issues, financial constraints or both of these. Managed IT services are the solution that many businesses are turning to. Here are four benefits that managed IT can provide for your organization.

1. Productivity

Quick and easy access to IT support can boost your productivity. Calling in the IT experts every time there’s a problem, on a ‘break-fix’ basis, can become expensive. But if staff can’t get IT support when they need it then productivity dips. Downtime always costs money and small delays add up. With Quikteks Managed IT Support, your technology is proactively maintained to ensure uninterrupted productivity.

2. Reduced Hardware Expenses

With Quikteks Managed IT Support your business technology will be maintained on an ongoing basis. If there’s a problem developing with your hardware then this can be flagged up before it fails completely, reducing costs and risk. The life of your computers and servers can often be extended if issues are spotted earlier. Proper maintenance will save you from having to spend on replacing equipment.

3. Greater IT Staff Productivity

Maybe you already have an in-house IT department. Often the demands of day-to-day technology problems and support provision keep them fully occupied. There’s not much time left for pre-emptive monitoring or the implementation of new solutions and system improvements. To cover all your IT needs, a managed services provider like Quikteks can supplement the work your IT staff does.

If you don’t have dedicated IT support in house, perhaps you rely on your staff to do it, on top of their usual workload. Small businesses often do, but there’s no substitute for professional help. The expertise that qualified IT technicians can provide will speed up problem resolution and save your staff from having to try to figure out themselves what’s wrong and how to fix it.

4. Bigger Returns on Your Investment

A profitable business always needs to maximise the returns on its investments. Tech repair costs and lost productivity due to downtime eat into profits. With managed IT services you pay an inclusive monthly fee, instead of paying per task. Not only is this usually cheaper, but it also helps avoid sudden expenses you may not have fully budgeted for. It all adds up to getting more from the money you invested in your IT systems.

Managed IT services are a flexible small business solution. Let us help your organization succeed by improving the ways you manage your technology. Give us a call today at (973) 882-4644.