You’ve probably heard of Siri, the iPhone’s virtual assistant. Siri is novel, geeky, and actually productive. She can answer questions, use iPhone apps for you, and read messages and news. In fact, until now Siri might make us Android users a little jealous.

Enter Robin.

Robin started out as an Android navigation app. A few updates later, and Robin is the new Siri, with plenty of personalized settings and features.

Robin can tell jokes, dial numbers, read and send text messages, update social media, read the news, set reminders, and more. The app is hands-free, and perfect while driving. Waving your hand over the phone gets her attention. Robin also has a pretty good vocabulary compared to other apps.

Robin is definitely a Siri challenger. She’s not perfect, but she hits the mark most of the time. You can download Robin for free from Google Play.

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