Businesses are inundated with information, programs and quick solutions on making companies green. Some of these suggestions can be implemented today, others my take more time. However, going green, can save your organization significant amounts of money. Wasted paper, plastic cups and wasted electricity are all money literally thrown away.  Here a few suggestions to get you off on the right foot:

Print Less

By using emails when possible, sending PDF’s instead of faxes and avoiding printing things that are just going to sit on your desk, your company will save a noticeable amount of money. Traditionally, 35% of a company’s waste comes from paper. If employees get in the habit of not using paper when possible, not only will you save on waste but also shredding and recycling costs as well.

Go Paper Free

In addition to printing less, phasing out paper filing systems and storing documents digitally have more than just money saving potential. Cloud drives and external storage drives allow you to save a bulk of information securely. Also, by having this information stored digitally, it is easily accessible from anywhere.

Employee Commuting

By offering incentive, encourage employees to ride public transportation, car pool whenever possible. Having an off-campus meeting? Riding together will reduce emissions from cars as well as save on fueling funds.

Upgrade Computers

In addition to running faster, computer improvements are constantly striving to use less energy. For example, flat screen monitors use less than a third of the power of a full monitor. Laptops are constantly being energy efficiency update.

Employee Remote Access

Reduce the needed office space by considering offering the ability for employees to work remotely from home. Terminal servers can be set up so the employee logs into your local network and does all of their work onsite while sitting at their own computer.

Other Types of Energy Conservation

From the lights in the office to your IT hardware to simple best practices like having LCD screens go on standby when not in use, it is always practical to consider energy consumption when purchasing electronic devices.

Start Your Green Initiative Today

Rome wasn’t built in a day! Becoming ‘green’ is a process. Start off with basics and form good habits. If your business wants to go green, contact us at PHONENUMBER to find out how we can help reduce your footprint and help you waste less by improving your technology infrastructure.