World Backup Day – March 31

World Backup Day

March 31, 2022

⚠️ In a time of heightened IT security, take a moment to review your data backup strategy and confirm with your team all is squared away with your data.

Data is More Valuable Than You Realize

Just ask the ransomware hackers holding company data hostage for millions in crypto. By backing up data, you lower the leverage hackers have over your data.

Chip Shortage = Longer Wait Times = Don’t Only Rely on Hardware Storage Devices

With less supply to go around, you want to be versatile with your data. With a backup strategy plan, technology is approached with data first, hardware second, rather than other way around.

Data Backup is Self Defense

Hackers rely on you having one copy of your data, thus making it incredibly valuable, or even priceless. But if you were to have multiple copies of this data, how much leverage do hackers have against you?

Spend A Few Minutes Backing Up Your Data

Data Backup is like insurance; hopefully you never need to use it, but if disaster happens, you’ll be grateful you have it! March 31st is World Backup Day. It is a day to emphasize the importance of copying all of your files (important documents, photos, videos, emails, etc) and storing them in a safe place.

Why Would I Want To Backup My Files?

Believe it or not, it’s quite common to lose files.
  • • 30% of people don’t backup their files
  • • 100+ phones are stolen or lost every minute
  • • 29% of disasters are caused by accidental deletions, shreddings, or other human error
  • • 30% of computers are infected with viruses and malware


How Do I Backup My Data?

Two common ways to store your data is on a physical external hard drive or on the cloud.
How To Backup Data To External Hard Drive


1. Plug in your hard drive 2. Go to Start > Type “backup” > Backup and Restore 3. Click Set Up Backup > Select your hard drive. For most users, the Windows’ default settings will suffice. Click Next the next two settings. 4. Click “Save Settings and Run Backup”. As the system runs a backup, don’t turn off your computer. 5. Congratulations, your data are backed up!


1. Plug in your hard drive 2. Go to System Preferences > Time Machine 3. Click Select Backup Disk > Select your hard drive. 4. As the system runs a backup, don’t turn off your computer. 5. Congratulations, your data are backed up!
How To Backup Data Through The Cloud
Some of the big name cloud companies are OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, and Amazon Cloud Drive. These online storage companies typically provide their users with a certain amount of free storage space, followed by a monthly charge once you exceed that amount. After creating an account, you will be able to begin backing up your to the cloud.

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