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One thing we know for certain: whether it’s working from the office or from home, technology issues will inevitably arise and disrupt your productivity. That is why we’ve put together a resource to help you get through the most common of tech issues.

10 Ways to Fix Your Home Wi-Fi Problems

Slow Wi-Fi can slow down everything you want to do. Browsing the web and emailing becomes tedious or impossible. That movie you’re streaming buffers endlessly or stops. Alexa won’t reply. Phones go back to defaults. Your routine is disrupted. Why is your Wi-Fi slowing down? Wi-Fi problems can be caused by all sorts of things […]


10 Ways To Prevent Malware From Harming Your PC

Prevention, as the saying goes, is the best medicine. Use the tips below to prevent malware from harming your PC.

Best Practices To Protect Your Business Technology

Cybercrime comes in many shapes and sizes, but most of them can be avoided through a few basic behavior changes. Here are a few tips to help you prevent attacks from being successful. We hope you share them with your team. 1. Don’t Just Click on Any Link It’s almost automatic: see a link, click. […]

Coronavirus. Is Your Business Prepared?

Wall Street banks and the stock markets are always affected by world events, but the coronavirus crisis has had an unprecedented impact. There are plenty of lessons to be learned, including the importance of disaster recovery planning for any business – including the big Wall Street institutions. Financial markets have been disrupted across the world […]

Cybersecurity Pitfalls When Working From Home

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are having their employees work from home. This is a great idea for many reasons, but there are risks to be aware of. Going Remote Makes Sense With the COVID-19 Pandemic Obviously, if your business is deemed “non-essential,” your office is closed. While the definition varies from […]

Don’t Get Phished Out of Your Stimulus Payment

It’s not a big surprise that hordes of scammers are trying to steal the federally mandated stimulus money. We’ve already seen a couple of COVID-19 phishing scams, but now with everybody getting cash, scammers are like sharks with blood in the water. The U.S. government has distributed checks before, but with more people using online […]

For Many Businesses, Working From Home Might Stick

Trading in the commute and bad office coffee for pajamas may be the new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic, but we think it’s likely that the remote workforce may stick around even after we’re all able to see each other again. Work Can Get Done From Home? Who Knew? Before the pandemic, most business owners […]

How Not To Cut Costs By Cutting Tech Support

Are you trying to minimize operating costs? Work smarter with a managed services provider. You’ll get more for your money, and frankly, an MSP makes your life easier. Traditional break-fix support for your technology adds up quickly: • What you have may be inherently expensive to repair or replace. • Repair fees include additional fees […]

How to (And How Not to) Approach Remote Work

Many businesses are currently finding the best course of action for them to take right now for the good of their employees is to adopt remote work policies. However, this puts a lot of responsibility on the employees to conduct themselves appropriately and spend the time they should be working diligently. Was this Helpful? YesNo

How to Achieve Productivity while Working Remotely

Productivity is a concept that has long been viewed as the gold standard in businesses. However, with so many businesses currently transferring to remote operations in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, it can be challenging for all involved to work as productively as they would while in the office. On the other side of […]


How to Automatically Reboot Your PC

When was the last time you rebooted your PC or smartphone? Rebooting is like getting a full night’s sleep for a computer, and without it, its performance might not be up to scratch for business use. Why is Rebooting So Important? The input-output nature of technology makes it vulnerable to software bugs or memory leaks, […]

How to Best Utilize a Physical Backup

How do you handle on-premise, physical data backups? This is a question that you don’t want to be asking during a crisis. Despite many benefits of digital storage, physical data backup is still an important part of the business continuity process. A physical backup could save your business from total loss. First, when we mean […]

How To Boost WiFi My Signal

Do you want a stronger Wi-Fi signal? Sure, we all do. To boost your Wi-Fi signal you could upgrade your wireless router. But maybe an outdated router isn’t the problem. To avoid extra costs you can first try boosting your Wi-Fi signal by positioning your current router differently. Here are five free and simple ways […]

How to Clean Your Monitor, Keyboard, and the Inside of Your PC

A clean computer is a happy computer. Just like any other piece of gadgetry, a computer requires regular cleanup sessions to keep it purring. In fact, January is Clean Up Your Computer Month, so let’s get to it. Power Down First Power down and unplug before you start cleaning anything so you don’t accidentally hurt […]

How To Detect A Phishing Attack

Cyberattacks today use the techniques used by magicians: sleight of hand and misdirection. Many businesses today have good data security, including secure passwords and data encryption. Hackers need to trick people into revealing information that will allow them to get past the protections. Phishing is a common way of doing this. Here are some clues […]

Microsoft Outlook

How to Fix Microsoft Outlook Errors

Microsoft Outlook continues to be a popular email client, especially among business professionals tethered to their desktops. However, Microsoft Outlook errors do occur from time to time. While opening a Web browser and navigating to will do in a pinch, fixing the error will allow you to use your Outlook software as intended. Below […]

Microsoft Outlook

How to Fix Outlook Crashing

Your MS Outlook crashed on you randomly. We’ve gathered some tips on how to get it to open again.

Pandemic Preparedeness

How to Fix Your Home Internet Connection

Homes today are full of internet-connected stuff – not just computers, but devices for playing games and streaming videos, as well as gadgets and appliances that rely on internet access to function. A good internet connection is more important than it’s ever been. Are you experiencing a lag while playing online games? Is your video […]

How To Identify A Malicious URL in a Phishing Email

We have some tips on how to identify a malicious URL in a suspicious email.

How To Merge Your Mobile Devices and Stop Carrying 2 Phones

Two is better than one for many things in life, but with smartphones having two can be a hassle. Lots of people have to juggle with using both a work-issued phone and a personal cell phone. There is a solution – you can merge your mobile devices and sync your apps. Here are some tips […]

How to Optimize Your Wireless Router

Web-Based Router Management Basics Is your wireless router performing reliably? Various factors, such as placement or interference, can hurt a router’s performance. Plus, weak security settings could allow hackers to sneak in with serious consequences. Use these tips to optimize and secure your wireless router. Related: How To Set Up Your Wireless Router Is Your […]

How To Prevent Computer Theft

Do you stay on top of your IT equipment? We’ve written a lot about data theft, but for some thieves, it may be easier to make off with a device containing valuable company information than hack a firewall. A good lock might not be enough. Better security measures might range from something as simple as […]

How to Properly Reboot a Home Router & Modem

Are webpages taking ages to load? Is Netflix freezing when you’re part of the way through a movie? Are your smart speakers cutting out? Especially with older models, routers can malfunction simply because they’ve been on for a while and are working beyond their capacity. Restarting your router gives it time out to clear its […]

How to Protect Yourself from Scam Emails

Spam emails and scam emails are two different things. One is annoying but relatively harmless, while the other is trying to steal sensitive information, spread malware, or extort money. Spam is Just Annoying Spam clogs up your inbox and can be for distasteful products or porn. However, spam is essentially harmless. Scam Emails are Dangerous […]


How to Set Up a VPN Connection to Your Office Network

Smartphones, laptops, and a changing work environment that recognizes the value of flexible hours and telecommuting make it possible for many business professionals to work from home or while on the road traveling. For some, simply having access to email is enough to work productively. However, others may need to access files and resources on […]

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How to Set Up Email On Your Smartphone

There’s a reason smartphones have become digital lifelines. It’s because they can do most things a computer does, including sending and receiving email. Setting up email is one of the first things you’ll want to do with a new smartphone. Though the specific steps may vary according to the phone’s operating system, the email app […]


How To Spot a Phishing Attempt

Since email is such a huge part of doing business, scammers love to phish. To fight back, you need to be able to recognize a phishing email, so we’re dedicating this week’s tip to that. What is Phishing? Phishing goes beyond email. It’s actually any digital attempt to trick you into revealing information about your […]

How to Tell When Your Technology Needs Upgrading

How do you know when to upgrade? While the state of IT improves over time, the environment can accelerate various changes made to it at various rates, so knowing when to upgrade your business technology isn’t always easy. Here are a few clear indicators that the time has come. Your IT Team is Always Busy […]

How To Troubleshoot A Failed Backup

Your business relies on its IT, but if disaster were to strike, how easily could you recover efficient operations? What if your backup failed? Incomplete or Corrupted Backups Imagine the nightmare if your last backup didn’t process correctly. According to Rachel A. Dines, a senior analyst at Forrester Research, this could happen, and you should […]

How To Configure And Set Up Router

How to Troubleshoot Home WiFi and Router Issues

Most people will have experienced one or more of these Wi-Fi problems: • Wi-Fi doesn’t work • Wi-Fi has slowed down • The W-Fi network isn’t visible • Devices are unable to connect to Wi-Fi The good news is that 99% of Wi-Fi problems can be resolved by a simple reboot. Unplug the router, wait […]

The Importance of Password Management for Remote Employees

If you have remote employees, you may want to emphasize the importance of maintaining a complex password when signing into your network.

The Pandemic Era Internet

Today, due to COVID-19, the internet is more essential than ever. Suddenly, millions of students are telelearning, millions of office workers are working from home, and millions of people are meeting with their friends, family, business associates, and faith groups online via online services. We are consuming more content than ever before, and the internet […]

Tip of the Week: Pandemic Problems

Months into the COVID-19 pandemic, stay-at-home orders are still in place, causing most financial analysts to wonder what the economy will look like when the state of emergency ends. This won’t last forever. Whether you had to close as non-essential or you had a plan to adapt and maintain your business, the next few months […]

Top Remote Productivity Tips

With so many people working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we thought a few tips on life in the home office would be timely. It’s a whole new reality, so here’s what experienced remote workers say. Set Up Your Workspace and Your Routine 1. Establish Your Workspace First, set aside a workspace. Spaces […]