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Virtualize Your Business

A growing number of businesses are virtualizing their network to achieve a variety of benefits. Letting Quikteks host your desktop environments from our data center helps take the worry out of your IT. Quikteks Hosted Desktop virtualizes your entire office, granting your employees access to their desktops and applications from anywhere on virtually any device with a web browser. Centralizing your desktop environment also minimizes your management and support costs.

With all of your applications hosted virtually, you’ll see reduced hardware costs, improved sustainability, increased productivity, and more. Schedule your Free Network Consultation.

Benefits of Quikteks Virtual Environments

Go Green, Save Energy

Reduce Data Center Footprint

Reduce Hardware Vendor Lock-In

Increase Uptime

Improve Disaster Recovery

Isolate Applications

Quikteks provides enterprise-level tech support for businesses in New Jersey. We provide exceptional on-site and off-site support at a small business price. Our IT services include:

We’ll handle software management and updates for your organization while reducing hardware costs simultaneously

Let us handle your office’s software updates while reducing your hardware expenses. By moving to the cloud, you outfit your entire operation with thin client terminals; since they only need internet access and minimal hardware to access our service. That way, their cost is far lower than you might expect.

The cost of powering these thin clients is also considerably lower than that required for traditional workstations, further lowering your company’s overhead expenses. In addition, the lifecycle of thin clients is longer than that of traditional PCs since they do not need to be upgraded to handle the processor load from new applications. Most importantly, your company will not have to maintain an in-house desktop support team to take care of these PCs. Schedule your Free Network Consultation.

The Benefits of Mobility

Quikteks Hosted Desktop and an internet connection are all you need to access your company’s documents and applications from anywhere. Help your staff be more productive whether they are at home or on the road by giving them the tools they need to remotely access work files without sacrificing functionality. Schedule your Free Network Consultation.

Never Fear A Stolen Laptop Or The Prospect Of Lost Company Data

Our Hosted Desktop Environment safely stores your data in our state-of-the-art data center. Since your data is never on a physical device, you will never have to worry about critical company documents being lost or stolen –always a possibility with traditional laptops and tablets. Schedule your Free Network Consultation.

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