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Protect Your Business With Two Factor Authentication

Source: Duo Security

News of cyber threats, hackers, and security breaches are becoming all too common these days. No matter what industry you are in, IT security is a serious concern.

For this reason, more companies are implementing Two Factor Authentication to strictly verify that the person who is attempting to access the company’s network is indeed the verified person.

Here’s how it works: after your employee signs in to your network using her credentials, she’ll be prompted to enter a second time-sensitive verification pin. If her credentials were compromised, hackers still would be unable to gain entry without the second authentication.

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Benefits of Two Factor Authentication For Your Business

Improved Security
2FA provides a unique one-time password for every log in attempt. Stop worrying about compromised passwords, as nobody can get in without the second password!

Reduced Data Theft
2FA is one of the most effective ways of reducing cyber crimes such as identity theft, hacking and phishing.

Increased flexibility and productivity
With two factor authentication, your employees can work remotely and securely. Since employees are able to access systems and critical work on the go, productivity levels increase significantly. 2FA with SSL VPN is one of the most popular security solutions present today.

Peace of mind
Eliminate the constant worry of any of your credentials being stolen or compromised.

If your company’s confidential information is at stake, you can’t afford not to implement a two factor solution into your systems. Call Quikteks today at (973) 882-4644 to learn more how we can help you secure your business further.