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Most of today’s businesses, no matter the size, simply could not function without the internet. However, using the internet involves a number of potential security risks, from malware to viruses to data theft. For that reason, protecting your IT infrastructure properly is becoming more important every day. We help you review your company’s needs and design the ideal IT security solution for you so you can feel protected while running your business. Get your free IT assessment now.

Alert: According to the New Jersey Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Cell, Ransomware is poised to cause more disturbances and losses in 2017. Read full article.

Cryptolocker, Malware, and Spyware Protection

Viruses can cause a wide variety of different problems for businesses, slowing workstations and causing network to slow down to a crawl. Sometimes, viruses can cause permanent data loss. As part of our proactive approach to IT, we keep your antivirus licenses and definitions up-to-date ensuring your infrastructure is safe. Get your free IT assessment now.

Safeguarding Your IT Infrastructure: Firewalls and Network Protections

Guard Your Infrastructure from Threats

At Quikteks, our goal is to provide you enterprise-level firewall technology at a small business price. While high-quality antivirus protection is vital to ensuring a healthy IT infrastructure, precautions should also be taken to stop viruses from ever reaching your infrastructure. Minimize the possibility of downtime and slowdowns by securing your network behind a firewall with Quikteks. Get your free IT assessment now.

Filtering Content

Protect Your Business from Harmful Web Content

Enhance the professionalism of your work environment by blocking adult content. Our flexible content filtering options do just that. These solutions can be set up with customized policies that keep your employees from becoming distracted by unnecessary sites, while allowing them to search and browse the web as needed to do their jobs. This content filtering works together with your firewall solution to block malware, keeping your IT infrastructure safe and secure. Get your free IT assessment now.

Our Web Filtering and Firewall Solutions Protect Your Network from Unsafe Content on the Web

Quikteks’s Content Filtering Solutions give you precise control over the sites your users can access. The intelligent filtering system automatically detects and blocks inappropriate content, so you will not have to manually enter all the sites you want blocked. If you have an older, unused workstation, ask us about configuring it to serve as a content filter to save you the cost of purchasing new hardware! Get your free IT assessment now.

Firewall with Enterprise-Level Strength for a Fraction of the Cost

Our Cost-Effective IT Solutions Provide all the Protection You Need Without Risking Your Budget

Add an extra layer of protection to your entire network by setting up a secure firewall. Our cost-effective solutions give you the safety you need without breaking the bank. Block unauthorized access to your computers and network, protect your data and provide a strong line of defense against viruses and malware with this added level of security. Get your free IT assessment now.

Quikteks provides enterprise-level tech support for businesses in New Jersey. We provide exceptional on-site and off-site support at a small business price. Our IT services include:


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