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Malware Defense Training

Quikteks Malware Defense Training

Phishing is one of the most common ways hackers get into a target’s network. By phishing, a hacker will trick a user to clicking a malicious link or opening an infected email attachment. All it takes is one accidental click from yourself or someone on your team to open a virus that infects your entire computer.

Educate Your Team

With Quikteks Malware Defense Training, your team will be able to better identify legitimate vs. phishing emails. By educating your team, you will be able to lower the chances of falling victim to malware.

Prevention Is The Best Medicine!

We will train your users with 30+ interactive modules highlighting specific threats such as suspicious emails, credential harvesting, password strength, and regulatory compliance.

Monitor Your Team’s Performance

Understand your organization’s security health and demonstrate real return on investment with intuitive dashboard results on-demand. Get results on user susceptibility overall risk levels across your entire team, including:

  • • Current user susceptibility rating
  • • Total users tested
  • • Total caught users
  • • Days since last campaign
  • • Average training passing score

Get you deeper insight into performance at an organizational, or individual user level, providing new insight into organization-wide security posture.

Benefits of Our Malware Defense Training Program

Produce Better Trained Staff If your team knows what to and not to click on, you will drastically reduce security risk.

Protect Your Company’s Reputation Don’t let a preventable mishap damage your brand.

Save Time & Money Recovering from a successful cyber attack can get incredibly expensive. Prepare your team with proper training today!

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