National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October 2023

Take some time this month to review your business security and address any vulnerabilities.

Backup Solution

Backing up your data is an absolute must for your business. If you don’t backup your data, and your system crashes without a way to retrieve or restore your data, you are in for a big headache. We recommend backing up your data AT LEAST once per day. Databases should be updated at least twice per day.
Data Backup is More Important Than You Think

Content Web Filtering

Employees with internet access may be tempted to visit non-work related websites. Giving them the freedom to click on potentially-malicious links could negatively affect your network. With our Content Web Filtering solution, you can restrict websites to specific employees with various access levels.

Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication is a solid solution when securing your network. From a user’s perspective, it may seem like an extra step, but it will keep the hackers away even if they have your credentials.
What the Heck is Patch Tuesday, Anyways?

Update Programs

If you haven’t updated your programs in a while, chances are you are using outdated versions. This may risk vulnerabilities in your system. It’s good practice to keep your software up to date.

Update Pa$$word$

Most of us likely use the same password for multiple online accounts, if not all. While this approach may be convenient, it does put all your eggs in one basket. If one of your online accounts gets hacked, the hacker could attempt to log in to your other accounts using the same login credentials. You do not want to be in this situation!
Tip of the Week: Building Strong Password Practices

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