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Broken Computer? Do These Things Before Taking It to the Shop

Broken Computer? Do These Things Before Taking It to the Shop

Computers are always going to develop problems at some point in their life, and not all problems can be predicted or prevented. Although some issues are relatively easily fixed remotely, sometimes you’ll need to take it in for repair. Before you do that, here are some recommendations about how to proceed. Find a Trusted Provider […]


What to do When Your Smartphone Gets Stolen

Have you ever had your smartphone stolen? If so, you’ll understand how frustrating it is, as well as appreciating that you might be exposed to various risks. You can take some steps to stop that happening, so let’s look at some prevention strategies and, if you do become a victim of smartphone theft, the things […]


How to Use Email Safely

Most businesses depend heavily on email. More than 124 billion business emails are sent and received every day, which gives some idea of how central email has become to business communications. But do you know how secure your email communications are? Email is often targeted by scammers and security is a priority for any business. […]

5 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

With a mouse or the tracking pad on a laptop, executing commands on a computer is simple, but it’s not always the quickest option. A keyboard shortcut may only save you a few seconds each time you use it, but it does add up to greater efficiency – and you can impress your colleagues with […]

File Search

How to Find a Missing File

We all have moments when we misplace things like our car keys and wallet. Sometimes, we can even forget basic things like where we saved an important computer file. Thankfully, Windows understands these moments of forgetfulness and they’ve made it easy for users to find what they’re searching for. Was this Helpful? YesNo

6 Helpful Cortana Commands

6 Helpful Cortana Commands If you’re a Windows 10 or Windows Phone user you’ll probably know about Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant. Like Siri on Apple devices, or Google Now, Cortana is more than just a tool for searching by voice command. Here are six of the great new things Cortana can do to help you […]


How to Automatically Reboot Your PC

When was the last time you rebooted your PC or smartphone? Rebooting is like getting a full night’s sleep for a computer, and without it, its performance might not be up to scratch for business use. Why is Rebooting So Important? The input-output nature of technology makes it vulnerable to software bugs or memory leaks, […]

How To Prevent Computer Theft

Do you stay on top of your IT equipment? We’ve written a lot about data theft, but for some thieves, it may be easier to make off with a device containing valuable company information than hack a firewall. A good lock might not be enough. Better security measures might range from something as simple as […]

What Happens When You Get Ransomware?

What Happens When You Get Ransomware?

Ransomware is a serious cybersecurity threat today. We often discuss how you can make sure you don’t fall victim to a ransomware attack, but we don’t often address what happens when one occurs. In today’s blog we want to talk about what your organization should do (and also what it shouldn’t) if a ransomware attack […]


4 Tips to Shop Securely Online

Shopping online just gets bigger and bigger, year on year. From avoiding the crowds or the Christmas rush to finding the best bargains, there are lots of reasons to embrace shopping from the comfort of your sofa. It’s a trend that’s here to stay. The downside is that cybercriminals are experts in cashing in on […]


How To Create A VPN To Work

Smartphones, laptops, and a changing work environment that recognizes the value of flexible hours and telecommuting make it possible for many business professionals to work from home or while on the road traveling. For some, simply having access to email is enough to work productively. However, others may need to access files and resources on […]


Extending Your Laptop’s Battery Life

It’s frustrating when your laptop’s battery refuses to hold a charge. While it may have previously lasted for hours on end, a laptop that can’t handle being untethered from its power source for any length of time no longer serves as a laptop. Instead, it becomes a tiny desktop. If your battery is already too […]

How To Keep Your Server Cool

Hot days can be uncomfortable. People might complain that ‘you can fry eggs on the sidewalk’. Temperatures inside a parked car can reach incredible temperatures when the weather is very warm, and the hood can be too hot to touch. If you’re lucky, you can head indoors and enjoy an air-conditioned environment. Businesses should be […]


How to connect To A VPN at Work

Smartphones, laptops, and a changing work environment that recognizes the value of flexible hours and telecommuting make it possible for many business professionals to work from home or while on the road traveling. For some, simply having access to email is enough to work productively. However, others may need to access files and resources on […]

How to beat my competitors | Quikteks, LLC

5 Ways to Be Better Than Your Competition

Every business has competition at some level. It’s tempting to ignore your competition (it may even be hard to speak their name), but there’s great value that comes with watching them closely; namely, you can learn from what they do in order to improve upon your own product or service. By paying close attention to […]

Tip of the Week: How to Check Your PC’s System Specifications | Quikteks, LLC

How to Check Your PC’s System Specifications

Don’t be insulted, but if someone asked you how much RAM is in your computer, could you answer them? How about its processors or its graphics card? Don’t feel bad; get hip. To get to the facts about your computer, check your system specs. Microsoft makes it simple. Know Your PC’s System Specs It is […]


How To Get A VPN On A Computer

Smartphones, laptops, and a changing work environment that recognizes the value of flexible hours and telecommuting make it possible for many business professionals to work from home or while on the road traveling. For some, simply having access to email is enough to work productively. However, others may need to access files and resources on […]

The Right IT Can Be a Real Moneymaker for Your Business

How The Right IT Can Be a Real Moneymaker for Your Business

All businesses, in some way, shape, or form, exist to generate revenue—whether their profits are retained for their own benefit or dedicated to supporting some other cause. Either way, this balance makes the difference between the investments a business makes and the return these investments see a critical consideration. By using modern technology, today’s organizations […]

No Distractions Smart Phone | Quikteks

Practical Ways to Make Your Smartphone Distraction-Free

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are marketed as powerful productivity tools, but some of us may find their device’s time-wasting apps to be more of a distraction. What to do? Timesuck Apps at WorkAccording to a study by mConcierge, 9% of Americans use their smartphones for work. Many businesses have a Bring Your Own […]

How To Make A VPN To Work

Smartphones, laptops, and a changing work environment that recognizes the value of flexible hours and telecommuting make it possible for many business professionals to work from home or while on the road traveling. For some, simply having access to email is enough to work productively. However, others may need to access files and resources on […]


Using Public Wi-Fi Without Compromising Security

Free public Wi-Fi hot spots are virtually everywhere you go: at the local coffee house, at the airport and on local transport, in hotels, public libraries and at the shopping mall. You can even connect to public Wi-Fi at some parks and pedestrian areas, as well as in some hospitals. It’s great for your budget […]


How To Avoid Unpleasant Surprises When Moving to a New Office

So you’ve outgrown your office space and need to relocate. Congratulations on reaching this milestone with your business, but do you know what to look for in a new building? Finding the perfect setup can be daunting, especially if you don’t know what to look for. To help you out, here are four tips to […]

5 Tricks For Better Internet Browsing

If you feel like you spend too much time on the internet, you may like to know of some shortcuts that can reduce time spent researching for something specific or comparing different items. We’ve gathered some #internethacks that will help you master the internet.  That is why you might enjoy some to to make your internet […]

How To Control Where Your Downloads Are Saved

Whenever you download a file from the Internet, the file will save to a folder in Windows called Downloads. Unless you change the default settings, your downloaded files will always be saved here. But what if you want to send your downloads somewhere else? It’s easy. We’ll walk you through it on three popular browsers. […]

Microsoft Outlook

How To Organize Microsoft Outlook Contact List

How organized is your Microsoft Outlook contact list? Busy business owners may not have the time to keep it tidy, resulting in a disorganized mess. If your contact list is a jumble, and full of outdated contacts, simple tasks like locating information can be a pain. To find what you’re looking for fast, try some […]

How To Merge Your Mobile Devices and Stop Carrying 2 Phones

Two is better than one for many things in life, but with smartphones having two can be a hassle. Lots of people have to juggle with using both a work-issued phone and a personal cell phone. There is a solution – you can merge your mobile devices and sync your apps. Here are some tips […]

How To See Your Google Sessions for Optimal Security

Logging into an account only to find out that you’ve been hacked can be a real hassle. If you’re wondering why and how this could have happened, you’re in luck; some accounts, like Google, record when and how the account is accessed, and finding out how is as easy as checking out your security settings. […]

Ordered IT

Is It Time to Reconfigure or Update Your IT Infrastructure?

Still running a Windows XP-based network, backing up your data to tape drives, or using ancient software? Are your sales people still calling into the office for driving directions or contact details? Are your service techs able to generate invoices or collect payments from the field or are they still collecting (and potentially losing) cash […]

What To Do When The Internet Goes Out

Losing Internet can be a large problem in the business world, as we all become more and more reliant on it. Downtime of this kind can be immensely frustrating. However, not all hope is lost, as there are ways to troubleshoot the cause of an Internet outage. Was this Helpful? YesNo

Search The Web Without Typing | Quikteks

How to Search the Web Without Typing

How fast are you at finding the information you need using Google Search? In today’s data-driven world, knowing how to effectively use Google is actually a marketable skill. Did you know that there are ways in Google Chrome to search for what you need that take less time than typing your query in the search […]

How to Speed Up a Windows PC

How to Speed Up a Windows PC Computers have changed our lives in almost every way, allowing us to accomplish tasks in a fraction of the time they once took and boosting efficiency and productivity. But computers can also cause huge frustration when they slow down and take ages to do what you’ve asked them […]

Office 365 | Quikteks

How to Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365

If hackers are taking on huge organizations like the IRS and Sony Entertainment, what can the average small business do to keep themselves safe? Check out multi-factor authentication; a solution designed to make it extra difficult for hackers to access online accounts because they need both your password and your device. It’s easy to set […]

How To Use The Taskbar

Since the Windows operating system is pretty common in the office, we like to share tips and tricks to help users get the most out of their operating system. Here are a few to make navigating your computer a little bit easier. Highlight Your Folders Most of the time you don’t need to access more […]

How to Test Your Disaster Recovery Preparedness

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” -Benjamin Franklin This saying is particularly apt where disaster recovery is concerned. If you don’t have a bulletproof disaster recovery strategy in place, you’re in line for a failure of the worst kind. Make sure that your backup and disaster recovery plans are effective by testing […]

Public Speaking | Quikteks

How To Give A Great Presentation, Part 2

For last week’s blog post, we gave helpful advice about how to prepare for a presentation; tips like, how to develop your idea, how to size up your audience, and the importance of rehearsing. For this week’s tip, we’ll go over what it takes to deliver a presentation that’s both effective and memorable. Was this […]

Why Managed IT Services Is Worth It For Your Business

Almost all businesses today rely on technology in one way or another, for purposes ranging from basic record keeping and communications through to core retail functions and even security. Without access to important data and the programs and applications that support daily operations, businesses can find themselves in deep trouble. Relying on untrained employees for […]

Gmail Undo | Quikteks

How To Use Gmail’s Undo Send Feature

We’ve all sent emails at some point that were either better left unsent, or were intended for a different recipient. With Gmail’s new Undo Send feature, you now have the power to transcend the depths of time and space to take back your thoughts… within approximately 30 seconds, that is. It’s a race against time. […]

The Importance Of Saving Files To A Shared Folder

Since the 1990s, computer users have been accustomed to saving their files to the ‘My Documents’ or ‘Documents’ folder on their PCs and Macs. Though these file locations are a useful part of the computer’s local system, it’s time to break this habit to prevent the potential for data loss at work. File locations matter […]

How To Tell If That Email Is A Phishing Scam (5 Clues)

Phishing emails are the scammer’s way to trick unsuspecting recipients into revealing account numbers or login credentials. Because it’s easy to copy and paste bank logos off of websites, criminals make their emails and links look legitimate, but if you know what to look for, you won’t be fooled. Phishing Lines As when trying to […]

How to Encrypt Windows Files

Looking for a way to protect sensitive files on your PC? For Windows users, one easy safeguard is encryption. You Hold the Key Encryption is pretty ironclad. If a hacker accesses an encrypted file, all they’ll see is a bunch of random numbers, letters, and special characters. If you’re the one who encrypts the file, […]

How to Address the Top 3 Employee Concerns About the Cloud

Cloud computing is a great innovation that’s changing how businesses operate. As with many innovations, some people will be wary or reluctant to embrace it. For cloud computing to work optimally in your business you’ll need your staff on board. Here are three objections to using the cloud and ways to overcome resistance to using […]

How to display Multiple Pages in MS Word |

How To View Multiple Pages at Once in Microsoft Word

Sometimes it’s nice to have a bird’s eye view of your Microsoft Word document instead of shuffling between pages.  You can view up to eight pages at once by following this simple procedure. Was this Helpful? YesNo

How To Make A Good Impression With Your Email

Email is the Face of Business in the Digital Age Knowing how to write a good email is one of the most important skills a professional can have. How you communicate can make you come off as an authority in your field, or a complete idiot, depending on how you word it. When writing an […]

Desktop Icons | Quikteks

How To Change the Size Of Desktop Icons

There seem to be thousands of different ways a user can customize their desktop experience. Almost every nook and cranny of a system can be adjusted, even right down to the icons on your desktop. For this week’s tip, we’ll show you how to adjust the size of your desktop icons. Was this Helpful? YesNo

Business Successsion | Quikteks, LLC

How to Set Up a Business Succession Plan

If something debilitating were to happen to you, could your business carry on? This isn’t a pleasant scenario to think about, but it’s absolutely necessary to have a contingency plan in place for reasons like this. Also known as a business succession plan, if you have a plan in place, then you don’t have to […]

How to Best Utilize a Physical Backup

How do you handle on-premise, physical data backups? This is a question that you don’t want to be asking during a crisis. Despite many benefits of digital storage, physical data backup is still an important part of the business continuity process. A physical backup could save your business from total loss. First, when we mean […]

How To Configure And Set Up Router

How to Troubleshoot Home WiFi and Router Issues

Most people will have experienced one or more of these Wi-Fi problems: • Wi-Fi doesn’t work • Wi-Fi has slowed down • The W-Fi network isn’t visible • Devices are unable to connect to Wi-Fi The good news is that 99% of Wi-Fi problems can be resolved by a simple reboot. Unplug the router, wait […]

iPhone Battery | Quikteks, LLC

3 Ways to Improve Your iPhone’s Battery Life

3 Ways to Improve Your iPhone’s Battery Life The iPhone is a popular device for business owners to stay connected to the office and for effective communication with staff. This inevitably means that the iPhone battery won’t last long, especially if you’re using a number of different applications, on top of calls and messaging. A […]

Don’t Get Phished Out of Your Stimulus Payment

It’s not a big surprise that hordes of scammers are trying to steal the federally mandated stimulus money. We’ve already seen a couple of COVID-19 phishing scams, but now with everybody getting cash, scammers are like sharks with blood in the water. The U.S. government has distributed checks before, but with more people using online […]

How To Survive The Pandemic With The Right Business Strategy

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many businesses to make a quick digital transformation. Because so many more employees are working from home, this is the perfect time to take a look at four tools to improve business work-from-home strategies. Real-Time Analysis In these difficult times, many SMBs are looking to their analytics platforms. Looking at […]

How To Make Sure Your Workstation is Sanitized

At Quikteks we are always worried about viruses, but today let’s talk about what you can do to keep actual viruses away from you and your technology. Microorganisms like the COVID-19 thrive in the office environment. With many people in a confined space, there are many ways that we can be infected. Research shows that […]

How To Troubleshoot A Failed Backup

Your business relies on its IT, but if disaster were to strike, how easily could you recover efficient operations? What if your backup failed? Incomplete or Corrupted Backups Imagine the nightmare if your last backup didn’t process correctly. According to Rachel A. Dines, a senior analyst at Forrester Research, this could happen, and you should […]

How to secure a pin | Quikteks, LLC

How to Pick a Secure PIN

How much thought have you put into selecting your debit card PIN? If you’ve not put any thought into your PIN, then it’s likely the case that you’ve picked a number that’s easy to remember or even one that’s associated with something personal. Fact: Taking time to pick random and hard-to-remember numbers greatly improves PIN […]

Is Your Network Running at its Limits?

Most businesses depend heavily on their computer network. If it starts to slow down it causes delays, as well as user frustration. If it crashes altogether, it’s even more disruptive and annoying. Slow speeds can be a sign that your network is overloaded, and you can probably expect frequent crashes if the congestion isn’t dealt […]

How to Achieve Productivity while Working Remotely

Productivity is a concept that has long been viewed as the gold standard in businesses. However, with so many businesses currently transferring to remote operations in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, it can be challenging for all involved to work as productively as they would while in the office. On the other side of […]

How to Properly Reboot a Home Router & Modem

Are webpages taking ages to load? Is Netflix freezing when you’re part of the way through a movie? Are your smart speakers cutting out? Especially with older models, routers can malfunction simply because they’ve been on for a while and are working beyond their capacity. Restarting your router gives it time out to clear its […]

How To Get My Small Business With The Local Community

One of the most important and sometimes overlooked requirements a business needs to succeed is a strong relationship with the community where it is located. It does not matter if you are a global giant or just a local midsized company, it is important to invest in the city you call home. It’s where you […]


How to Set Up a VPN Connection to Your Office Network

Smartphones, laptops, and a changing work environment that recognizes the value of flexible hours and telecommuting make it possible for many business professionals to work from home or while on the road traveling. For some, simply having access to email is enough to work productively. However, others may need to access files and resources on […]

Pandemic Preparedeness

How to Fix Your Home Internet Connection

Homes today are full of internet-connected stuff – not just computers, but devices for playing games and streaming videos, as well as gadgets and appliances that rely on internet access to function. A good internet connection is more important than it’s ever been. Are you experiencing a lag while playing online games? Is your video […]

10 Ways to Fix Your Home Wi-Fi Problems

Slow Wi-Fi can slow down everything you want to do. Browsing the web and emailing becomes tedious or impossible. That movie you’re streaming buffers endlessly or stops. Alexa won’t reply. Phones go back to defaults. Your routine is disrupted. Why is your Wi-Fi slowing down? Wi-Fi problems can be caused by all sorts of things […]

How To Configure And Set Up Router

How To Set Up and Configure Your Wireless Router

Wireless routers, whether set up in a home or business, allow computers and devices to connect to one another and the Internet wirelessly. This assumes that these computers and devices are appropriately equipped with wireless adapters as most modern ones do. Related: How To Optimize Your Wireless Router What You Need • Wireless router • […]

Business Acronyms | Quikteks, LLC

Business Technology Acronyms

Business Technology Acronyms It’s hard to imagine how businesses would manage without the IT solutions now available. They make many aspects of running a business easier but it can also be a challenge to get and stay on top of it all. The jargon used in the IT industry doesn’t help. IT professionals may not […]

How to Change Your Mouse Pointer in Windows 10

The mouse pointer is essential to navigating around your screen. Without it, you’d struggle to open applications, move around Office documents, create images, and countless other functions. Just like many other features in Windows 10, you can customize how your mouse pointer looks and functions, making it much easier to maneuver around your system. There […]

Microsoft Outlook

How to Fix Outlook Crashing

Your MS Outlook crashed on you randomly. We’ve gathered some tips on how to get it to open again.


How to Go Back in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word has some very useful but little known commands that can be helpful when you are working on a project. Sometimes you find it necessary to retrace your steps. To help you find where you were in a document Microsoft Word has a Go Back command. This feature is not very well known and […]

How to Prepare Your Network for Ransomware

Brace yourself. Ransomware is a real concern, and it could render your entire network useless. Learn how to prepare your network in the event of a ransomware attack.

How to Consolidate Your Email Management

Here’s a quick question: do you have multiple email accounts? Do you need to check them all regularly? Do they use different platforms? The more accounts and platforms you have, the easier it is to miss potentially important mail. This week we have tips on email management and how to solve this problem. How Many […]

How To Get the Most Out of Your IT Consultant

Budgeting accurately for your long-term IT needs requires an intimate knowledge of technology and IT trends. Your IT budget must take into account the depreciation of your IT equipment, replacement values, and the cost of procuring evolving solutions that are shaping your industry. Do you have the technical knowledge to calculate your IT budget, or […]


How To Remove Malware From Your Windows PC

Do you suspect your computer might be infected with malware? While some malware, such as ransomware, is notoriously difficult to remove, many malicious programs can be removed by computer users with basic skills and computer security tools. Symptoms of a Malware Infection Malware is often poorly written and tends to gobble up system resources. Thus, […]


How to Optimize Your Wireless Router

Web-Based Router Management Basics Is your wireless router performing reliably? Various factors, such as placement or interference, can hurt a router’s performance. Plus, weak security settings could allow hackers to sneak in with serious consequences. Use these tips to optimize and secure your wireless router. Related: How To Set Up Your Wireless Router Is Your […]

7 Common Communication Blunders and How to Avoid Them

A large part of running a business successfully concerns technical issues and having efficient systems in place. This eventually becomes part of your routine and mostly it all runs like clockwork. But there’s more to business than operations and processes. Are you having issues dealing with your staff? If so, it could be rooted in […]

How To Boost WiFi My Signal

Do you want a stronger Wi-Fi signal? Sure, we all do. To boost your Wi-Fi signal you could upgrade your wireless router. But maybe an outdated router isn’t the problem. To avoid extra costs you can first try boosting your Wi-Fi signal by positioning your current router differently. Here are five free and simple ways […]

Ergonomic Workstation Setup

It’s not uncommon to feel tired after a long day at work, but do you ever feel physically drained – even after a relatively stress-free day? The modern workplace often involves hours sitting at a desk. You could be experiencing eye strain from staring at a screen all day. Immobility can cause back pain. Constant […]

How to Type Accents and Other Oddball Characters

We’ve all seen the various accent marks, or “diacritical marks,” used in languages all over the world. For example, the umlaut (as seen in the word “über” ) is used in some German and Hungarian words to signal how to pronounce specific vowels. While these have mostly disappeared from the English language, we see them […]

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Smartphone Memory

As a user of current technology, you might have come to the sad realization that your mobile device’s hard drive storage space is not equal to your needs. The Countless photos, applications, and videos you need to store take up a ton of space. If something were to cause the device to suddenly fill up, […]

How to Uninstall Unwanted Apps and Programs in Windows 10

All users should understand how to get rid of applications and programs that are unnecessary or possibly threatening. Windows 10 makes it much easier to get rid of unwanted apps and programs. Here are three ways to do it: From the Start Menu Really basic: open the Start menu and click All Apps. Locate the […]

How To Quickly and Easily Find That Long Lost Gmail Message

As great as Gmail is, sometimes, you might have difficulty locating certain messages, especially if they were sent months, or even years ago. If you happen to misplace a message, you can use the search feature to locate it. Was this Helpful? YesNo

PowerPoint Logo

Make Dynamic Infographics with Microsoft PowerPoint

Make Dynamic Infographics with Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft PowerPoint is a great application for making slideshows for presentation purposes, but there’s more to it. Did you know you can also use it to make eye-catching infographics? Images and videos are popular in marketing because visual content sells. For engaging and informative marketing materials infographics effectively combine […]

How To Control File Sharing for Employees in Microsoft OneDrive

The ability to share files easily is a wonderful thing for effective working in the modern office. If your business uses Office 365 then you and your employees can share files using Microsoft’s cloud storage, OneDrive. It makes it simple for staff to upload, sync and share documents and folders. This is all good, but […]

How to Automate Sorting Your Emails

Email is one of the most useful tools we have for communication and it’s probably still the most commonly used way of liaising with colleagues and clients. But are you making the most of its potential? If not, you could be wasting precious time doing things like organizing your email. In today’s tip of the […]

Excel Logo

Understanding Basic Formulas in Microsoft Excel 2013

Microsoft Excel’s formulas can help you to easily and efficiently keep track of your budget and alter it as prices change and demand increases. Mathematical Orders Excel works like a calculator, with several mathematical functions: Addition: + Subtraction: – Multiplication: * Division: / Exponents: ^ To initiate a calculation sequence for a cell, click on […]

How To Optimize Your Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is the world’s #1 web browser. It’s installed automatically on Android smartphones and, because it’s fast, with a lot of integration to enhance the user experience, it’s the preferred browser of millions of home and business computer users. You can get the most out of your Chrome web browser by optimizing it, using […]

Tip of the Week: Sync the OneDrive Files You Need with Windows 10

Do you know about Microsoft’s OneDrive? It’s a file-hosting service that allows users real-time access to information saved in the cloud. It’s especially associated with Microsoft Office 365, and comes with one terabyte of cloud storage. (There’s also a free tier where you can get 5GB storage without paying anything.) OneDrive is often used to […]

How to Leverage Parallelism to Up Your Productivity

Unfortunately, science has given a thumbs down to multitasking. It’s just not efficient. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any ways to accomplish more in less time. Today, we’ll look at parallelism. What’s Parallelism? On the surface, multitasking and parallelism look similar. Parallelism is the practice of making progress on more than one task […]

How to Manage Documents in a Paperless Environment

The Ancient Bits of Paper System Consider for a moment how many documents are floating around your business at any given point. Memos, notes, invoices, receipts, bits of paper, all floating around the office. This isn’t a great approach, and the filing cabinet is pretty cumbersome. Obviously, in a modern office, we have alternatives to […]

5 Reasons Your Emails Bounce (And How To Fix)

Building an email list and communicating with prospects and customers is one of the smartest marketing moves a small business can make. However, emails often “bounce,” which means they don’t land in the intended recipient’s inbox. Why? Below are six common reasons why your emails are bouncing along with tips on how to fix these […]

Tech Band-Aid

Common Network Disasters and How to Avoid a Data Catastrophe

When you think about disaster planning, you probably think evacuation routes, personal safety, and having enough food and water for a few days or weeks. As a business owner, you need to consider data loss. The Data Disaster A computer or server crash can severely impact your business, putting you out of business. Here are […]

How To Lead Your Remote Workers to Success

Organizations that have a workforce outside of their normal office location are presented with a unique challenge. In the case of remote employees, businesses have to figure out how to keep them connected to the workplace, productive with their time, and part of the organization’s culture. This week’s tip is dedicated to helping your organization’s […]

How to Adjust Your Router and Improve Your Connections

Wi-Fi has completely changed the playing field for the modern office. Connecting to the Internet without being physically connected to it has been incredibly freeing, and opens up all sorts of possibilities for business, but bad Wi-Fi is the kiss of death. Make sure that your Wi-Fi signals are as clear and reliable as possible. […]


How to Reduce the Use of Paper in the Office

Paper can be incredibly expensive, especially with the quantity that a normal business goes through every single day. However, not only is it expensive on the monetary side, but also on the environmental side as well. By making some changes around your office, you can be more eco-friendly and budget-friendly by reducing the amount of […]

Who Is Using Your WiFi

The WiFi slows to a crawl. Sometimes it’s just a bad connection, or there are a lot of devices accessing your network. Maybe someone has your password and is stealing your WiFi. Now there’s a way to check your WiFi usage in Windows. Free App A free app called Who is On My WiFi lets you find out what is going on.  You need […]


How To Make the Most of Your Data Migration

Data migration is a sizable task. There’s plenty that could go wrong as you move your data from one server to another. As you transfer data, keep these few considerations in mind to ensure the process goes smoothly while getting the biggest benefit from the time it takes you. Was this Helpful? YesNo


3 Tips Every Outlook User Should Know

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email clients in the world, especially for small and medium businesses. The most recent version of Outlook has some cool features to make your life easier. Below are three Outlook life hacks to help you make the most of your tools. Was this Helpful? YesNo


How to Clear Browser Cache in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

Does it feel like your web browser is running slower than it should? Does it keep freezing up and crashing? Try clearing the cache. The Cache Cached data is data that accumulates behind the scenes as you browse the web. Usually the size of the cache isn’t large enough to affect performance. Cookies are an […]


How to Protect Yourself from Scam Emails

Spam emails and scam emails are two different things. One is annoying but relatively harmless, while the other is trying to steal sensitive information, spread malware, or extort money. Spam is Just Annoying Spam clogs up your inbox and can be for distasteful products or porn. However, spam is essentially harmless. Scam Emails are Dangerous […]


How to Plan Your Network’s Cabling Like an IT Pro

How to Plan Your Network’s Cabling Like an IT Pro


7 Tips on How To Fix the Wi-Fi Network In Your Office

7 Tips on How To Fix the Wi-Fi Network In Your Office

File Search

How to Recover Lost Data

Lost your data? There may be a few ways to recover your lost documents. Learn the different steps to recover your lost data.

Smartphone addiction | Quikteks

How to Set Up Email On Your Smartphone

There’s a reason smartphones have become digital lifelines. It’s because they can do most things a computer does, including sending and receiving email. Setting up email is one of the first things you’ll want to do with a new smartphone. Though the specific steps may vary according to the phone’s operating system, the email app […]


Eliminate Webcam Worry With a Piece of Tape

Worrying About RATS Yes, webcams are susceptible to invasion by Remote Access Tools. RATs, as troublesome as their furry namesakes, can be used to remotely access a computer and perform any number of functions, including turning on a device’s webcam. RATs are capable of spying on people, but RATs are also frequently used for good, […]


How to Navigate Windows 10 and Find the App You Need

Your workstation is equipped with all of your necessary software solutions, but sometimes it can be challenging to find a specific app. If you want to see a list of all applications on your device, Windows 10 makes it easy. The key to doing so lies in the Start menu. Was this Helpful? YesNo


4 Ways to Resolve the Blue Screen of Death

It’s quite possibly the most dreaded scenario in computing: the Blue Screen of Death. First you stare at in disbelief. What is this? Is it really happening to me? Panic can soon set in. Is this the end? What about my data? The good news is that though it can be very serious, the Blue […]


Tip of the Week: Forgot Your Wi-Fi Password? Here’s How to Find It

You might know your Wi-Fi password, but can you tell your new staff members, guests, and clients, what it is off the top of your head? If you don’t write your password down, or store it somewhere that’s easily accessible, it can be difficult to remember; especially if it’s long and complex like it should […]


Spot a Hacker By Investigating Their IP Address

Have you ever wondered how your PC is identified from the billions of devices out there in the world today? Just like every human being has specific physiological traits that make up who they are, your computer’s IP address is somewhat unique to your machine, and it can say a lot about you. Therefore, it’s […]


Tweak These 5 Mobile Apps to Consume Less Data

Chances are that if you’re using a smartphone, you’ll have your WiFi turned on as often as you possibly can. This helps to keep data hogs (applications that use a ton of your monthly allotted mobile data) at bay. However, not everyone has the convenience of an Internet connection at all times, particularly while you’re […]


Don’t Let These 4 Office Distractions Get the Best of You

It’s time to be realistic and admit that the office can be an extraordinarily distracting place. Constant meetings and discussions, phones ringing, and emails hitting the inbox can all seem overwhelming. With so much going on, how can you get the most work done while still remaining in contact with your co-workers? Was this Helpful? […]


Tip of the Week: Easily Transfer Your Contacts From One Google Account to Another

Google Contacts is a useful tool that allows you to share your contacts with other users. In fact, it’s a great tool in general for any professional who is always on the move, and has to have access to a set of work contacts through an Android device. Today, we’ll help you import and export […]

Tip of the Week: Google Docs Now Lets You Type With Your Voice, Here’s How to Use It!

Voice-related technology is hardly news for Google. Android smartphones have had voice capabilities for a long time now. Google Now, the function’s official name, can be used for Internet searches, setting alarms, adding calendar entries, activating entertainment like movies and music, calling or texting friends, and countless other functions. Now, however, you can literally write […]

Unsure if an Email Address is Valid? Here’s How to Check!

Have you ever had to email a new contact, only to get one of those messages telling you that there’s an error and your email can’t be delivered? A common cause is a typo in the email address. Maybe you wrote down the email address wrongly or are working from a scribbled handwritten address on […]

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How to Compare Edits Made to Your Microsoft Word Document

When multiple people have edited or suggested changes to a document, things can get complicated. There’ll probably be suggestions everywhere in the comments sidebar and the text could be almost unrecognizable. Viewing the original document and the new version side by side will help you to get a handle on the changes. Here are two […]

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Use Ctrl+F to Become a Search Master

With an endless amount of content available on the World Wide Web, a person who’s skilled at Internet searching is a valuable asset to any company. Knowing how to use search engines like Google is a huge help, but there’s another tool that allows you to narrow down a search even further: Ctrl+F. Was this […]

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Don’t Let Work Ruin Your Friendships, or Friendships Ruin Your Work

As a business owner, you walk a fine line between boss and friend. While you want to be approachable and have a company culture that’s friendly, you can’t have your employees be your closest friends. Being too close to your staff will blur your authority, breed favoritism, and make it difficult to fire people; but […]

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Improve Productivity By Napping at Work, Seriously

All business owners understand that in order to stay competitive, their team must work as hard as they possibly can. Unfortunately, however, that’s not how human physiology works. Everyone needs a break now and again, and the office is no different. Remember elementary school, when you would curl up with a blanket and get some […]

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Broadcasting WiFi From Your Android Device

You’re in the middle of something and the WiFi drops out. What else is new? For a quick fix until you can get it back, try using your Android smartphone as a mobile hotspot. Your Phone as a Hotspot First, here are a few caveats. Using your phone as a hotspot eats data, and some […]

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Responding to Internet Trolls and Online Criticism

Not everyone you meet in life is going to have the same opinion as you. This is true no matter where you are, be it the real world or the cyber one. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be a problem, since most people are reasonable and know when to hold their tongue. Unfortunately, the Internet provides a […]

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Tip of the Week: How to Remotely Wipe Your Android Device Clean

Today’s business owner probably keeps sensitive work-related information stored on their mobile device. If the device was lost, it could have disastrous results, especially if the device were to fall into the hands of an experienced hacker or competitor. To prevent such a disaster it’s a best practice to always lock your mobile devices. How […]

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3 Ways to Make Sure Your Employees aren’t Wasting Time on the Internet

The internet is a marvellous creation and an invaluable business tool, but in the office it can be a double-edged sword. There are exciting other worlds just a few clicks away and the temptation to indulge can be huge. The internet can be a distraction for your employees and a drain on productivity. Here are […]