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How to Best Utilize a Physical Backup

How do you handle on-premise, physical data backups? This is a question that you don’t necessarily want to ask yourself under pressure of a looming data loss incident. Despite many benefits of digital storage, physical data backup is still an important part of the business continuity process. A physical backup could save your business from […]


Ransomware Makes Backup a Vital Necessity

Your data is vital to your business; you need to have serious security measures put in place to protect it from ransomware. This year ransomware attacks are ramping up, so your business should prepare to deal with it. One of the best ways to deal with ransomware is to have a bulletproof data restoration plan. […]


Getting Back to Basics with Data Backup

It’s no industry secret that one of the most important pieces of IT any business should have is a data backup solution. However, this is like saying that every business should have a plant: the type of plant, and (by extension) the type of data backup, matters. You want a data backup that is more […]


Just Because You Backup Your Data, Doesn’t Mean it Will Survive a Disaster

There’s a dangerous misconception that a lot of business owners have about data backup. Too often, an SMB will have a data backup solution in place and the business owner will feel like they’re fully prepared to handle a data loss disaster–without looking into the data recovery capabilities of their backup solution (or the lack […]


Data Protection is Very Important

Before the XXII Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, several influential entities expressed their concerns about data security at the Olympics. These concerns were reported prior to the start of the games on the eve of competition. NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams ran a story by reporter Richard Engel that intimated that visitors to Sochi […]


Thieves Want Your Backup Data

Are you aware how valuable your company’s data is? If you lost it all today, what would it cost your business in terms of productivity, downtime, and liability? In order to keep you data safe your company needs to develop and implement a plan to back up and secure this valuable information. Your back up […]


Business Disaster Recovery- Without Computers

Businesses that are aggressive will grow quickly, and businesses that have an aggressive continuity plan will survive the worst disasters. You need to be totally prepared for any disaster, even the scenarios that leave your company without computers.   Don’t Let Downtime Destroy Your Bottom LineYou may think that doing business without a computer is […]


Backup Your Company Data- Its Critical

The importance of backing up your company’s data cannot be stressed enough. Data is without a doubt your business’ most valuable asset, as evidenced by the fact that companies unable to access their data for ten days after a major disaster (like Hurricane Sandy that hit New Jersey and New York) will most likely not […]


Protect Your Cloud Data

Recently, Adobe sent out e-mails and letters to users notifying everyone of a security breach. “The attackers may have obtained access to your Adobe ID and encrypted password.” The obvious question here is, “How do I protect myself and my business from such attacks?” The unfortunate answer is you can’t, but you can marginalize the […]


Is Your Business Prepared for a Disaster?

In a recent survey of small businesses owners, only 13% of respondents believed themselves to be susceptible to a disaster resulting in data loss. That means 87% of small businesses believe their IT infrastructure has multiple redundancies –doubtful. No business is immune to disasters of every kind; therefore, every company needs a comprehensive disaster plan. […]


4 Important Data Backup Statistics

Every business needs to have a business continuity plan to keep the business operating after experiencing a disaster. The most critical element to every plan is having a backup and recovery solution in place for your company’s data. If your company’s data were to ever be permanently be lost, your business may not recover. Here […]