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The articles below describe best practices on a wide range of IT topics. Browse below to become better informed about technology.

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How To Care For Technology During Summer Months

8 Ways To Care For Your Technology During Hot Summer Months

Summer has arrived and it’s time to spend time outside. Everyone knows that we need to take steps to protect ourselves from prolonged sun exposure. We apply sunscreen, wear hats and sunglasses and drink plenty of liquids to keep hydrated. Devices have important limits when it comes to operating in hot temperatures. To help you […]

A Good Disaster Recovery Strategy Can Save Your Business

A Good Disaster Recovery Strategy Can Save Your Business

There are countless ways your organization could face down a disaster, whether it’s a high-profile natural disaster, a physical disaster, or a technology-related disaster. If you aren’t prepared to face the consequences, your business could falter in the face of such incidents. How can your business best prepare itself for all manners of disasters? Was […]

Why It’s a Bad Idea to Use Your Work Email for Personal Accounts

Why It’s a Bad Idea to Use Your Work Email for Personal Accounts

While we’re all for efficiency, there are some boundaries that should not be crossed for everyone’s benefit. Take, for instance, the email you use to subscribe to online services. While it may be tempting (or, for some people, automatic) to use your work email address when you sign up for, say, your Netflix account or […]


What to do When Your Smartphone Gets Stolen

Have you ever had your smartphone stolen? If so, you’ll understand how frustrating it is, as well as appreciating that you might be exposed to various risks. You can take some steps to stop that happening, so let’s look at some prevention strategies and, if you do become a victim of smartphone theft, the things […]

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Free Yourself from IT Burdens!

We all love the idea of freedom. Of course, it’s often illusory, and most of us are tied down by all sorts of concerns and responsibilities that we can’t escape. Business owners are no exception. Their calendars are full, their to-do list never gets shorter and they have responsibilities to staff and customers to fulfil. […]


IT Security End-User Checklist

Your work is important, but so is staying safe and sound. By working together, we can protect this business. This guide was created so that business owners, office managers, and IT departments can provide it as an educational resource to showcase some of the most basic IT security practices that can be implemented in your […]

Steps You Can Take to Maximize Work-from-Home Productivity

5 Steps You Can Take to Maximize Work-from-Home Productivity

It’s been almost two years since the Covid-19 pandemic changed the way millions of us live – working from home, rather than in the office. For many businesses, remote working hadn’t previously been on their radar. Now it’s an essential, to keep businesses operating and to keep people safer. But it’s not only businesses who’ve […]


The Different Types of Spam

Spam. Not the edible kind. Worse. We all hate it, and it’s endless. This week, we’re looking at these types of spam. Spam, Spam, and More Spam Email spam: Most spam comes through email, and could turn your inbox into a complete nightmare if you don’t have a junk mail filter. There are actually regulations […]

How To Save Disk Space

Today, just about everyone has a digital camera in their pockets, which has led to an unprecedented amount of picture taking compared to the days when photos had to be developed. Having more cameras has turned us into a more visual society, but not every amateur photographer understands how to best manage all of their […]

Retaining Workers with Technology

Employee turnover can really stunt productivity and force you to waste a lot of time hiring and training new people. It’s also bad for employee culture at work. How can you use technology to retain top talent and reinforce good culture amongst your employees? Today we’ll examine some of the biggest business technology innovations that […]

How To Increase PC’s Lifespan

It’s painful when your business computer dies. No computer lasts forever, but with proper care, you can extend its life. Here are 5 tips to keep yours running: 1. Install System Updates Operating system manufacturers regularly release updates; don’t dismiss those annoying pop-ups. Updating your OS keeps your software properly maintained and protected with the […]

5 Simple Browser Tips

Most people now know how to use the internet. (You’re one of them, or you wouldn’t be here now.) Yet there are lots of basic browser tips and tricks and that a lot of people don’t know. Here are five basic browser tricks that use keyboard shortcuts to speed up your computer use. Closing Tabs […]

How To Keep Your IT Optimized

It goes without saying that all businesses will benefit from their IT systems operating at peak performance levels and using the best tech solutions available. Achieving that can be another story, because business technology has many facets that need to be managed to operate optimally. New business technology trends are designed to help. Stay On […]

Computer Vision Eye Strain

Computer vision or eye strain affects us all when we’re at work or at home. Here are 7 tips for alleviating eye strain in the workplace.


6 Helpful Cortana Commands

6 Helpful Cortana Commands If you’re a Windows 10 or Windows Phone user you’ll probably know about Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant. Like Siri on Apple devices, or Google Now, Cortana is more than just a tool for searching by voice command. Here are six of the great new things Cortana can do to help you […]

Traveling During the Holidays? Keep These Tips in Mind

Traveling During the Holidays? Keep These Tips in Mind

Holidays are about coming together and relaxing with friends and family. This is perhaps even more important than ever in the stressful times we’re living in. But though the holiday season is time to chill out, don’t relax your vigilance when it comes to technology, especially when you’re on the move. Take Care Connecting to […]

Where Does Your Recycled Technology Go?

Where Does Your Recycled Technology Go?

Technology doesn’t last forever. Yet businesses go through many incoming devices and hardware each year. What does your company do with all those electronics that have reached the end of the road? This is an important issue, because disposing of devices and electronic waste in inappropriate ways is bad for the environment and could also […]

Life Lessons that Can Also Apply to your Business IT

Life Lessons that Can Also Apply to your Business IT

A lot of small businesses struggle with managing aspects of technology but, when it comes to business IT management, the advice and lessons that apply to life apply in this domain too. How might some of these life lessons help you deal with business IT? It might be worth filing these tips away for future […]

Should You Archive That Email or Delete It?

Should You Archive That Email or Delete It?

Emails build up in your inbox over time, without you realizing just how many there are. The question is: what should you do with them? They can take up a lot of space, and if you’re paying for that space then it’s even more important to have a strategy for dealing with them. You have […]

You Can’t Afford to Ignore Your Data Backup

You Can’t Afford to Ignore Your Data Backup

You don’t have to be a genius to appreciate that every day there’s a chance that something could go wrong and seriously disrupt your business operations. One thing that can really cause your business huge, or even fatal, problems is losing access to your data. What would you do in that scenario? Let’s consider just […]


4 Tips to Shop Securely Online

Shopping online just gets bigger and bigger, year on year. From avoiding the crowds or the Christmas rush to finding the best bargains, there are lots of reasons to embrace shopping from the comfort of your sofa. It’s a trend that’s here to stay. The downside is that cybercriminals are experts in cashing in on […]


How To Manage Employee Stress and Fatigue

If your employees are stressed or fatigued this can lead to a decline in productivity and workplace accidents. Both can be highly damaging to a company’s profitability. A study of four US corporations a few years ago, conducted by Dr Mark Rosekind, an internationally known fatigue management expert, and his colleagues showed this clearly. Fatigue-related […]

3 Handy Tools to Remember Your Passwords

When we looked at password security last time, we emphasized how important it is to avoid identity theft and the safety of your personal data. In this post we’ll look at three ways to help you with password management so you can access your passwords easily. All tools have strengths and weakness and need to […]

3 Easy Actions Every Employee Can Do to Keep Their Computer Clean

3 Easy Actions Every Employee Can Do to Keep Their Computer Clean

Regular computer maintenance is part of maintaining healthy IT infrastructure, but one aspect that can often go by the wayside is keeping your computer physically clean. By this, we mean keeping it dust-free, clean and tidy. We’ve put together a shortlist of everyday actions that employees of any caliber can use to keep their workstations […]

3 Variables You Need to Consider for an Effective Digital Transformation

3 Variables You Need to Consider for an Effective Digital Transformation

For decades, technology has been the driving force behind some of the biggest and most radical shifts in business. Therefore, it makes sense to assume that the keys to your organization pushing past its limits and becoming truly exceptional lies in the implementation of new technologies that change operations in a profound way. The process […]


How to (And How Not to) Approach Remote Work

Many businesses are currently finding the best course of action for them to take right now for the good of their employees is to adopt remote work policies. However, this puts a lot of responsibility on the employees to conduct themselves appropriately and spend the time they should be working diligently. Was this Helpful? YesNo

Don’t Let a Storm Put You Out of Business

We’ve seen a lot of how powerful nature can be recently. It can cause massive damage, disrupt daily business operations and power outages can waste a lot of your time and try your patience. When nature comes knocking you can protect yourself in the case of emergencies by having a solid business continuity plan in […]

Considerations That You Need to Make When Adding New Technologies

Considerations That You Need to Make When Adding New Technologies

New technology can be hugely valuable for a business. Acquiring new tech is one thing, but implementing it is something else. It’s not uncommon to experience teething problems, especially if you rush the deployment. The more care you take rolling it out, the better. Today we’ll take a look at some of the best practices […]


6 Tips for Working Better While Traveling

The days when working on the computer meant being tied to a large desktop machine are over. Today, all sorts of gadgets allow us to be online and connected almost wherever we are. This is a boon for businesses, because employees aren’t dependent on being in the office to get work done. There are some […]


5 Tips for Saving Money on your IT

Who wouldn’t want to save money on their technology spending? There’s no point in wasting your hard-earned cash. The trick is to make sure you don’t cut too many corners. This can lead to ongoing problems with your IT in the longer term, including downtime that creates frustration and loss of productivity. How do you […]


How To Keep Your Server Cool

Hot days can be uncomfortable. People might complain that ‘you can fry eggs on the sidewalk’. Temperatures inside a parked car can reach incredible temperatures when the weather is very warm, and the hood can be too hot to touch. If you’re lucky, you can head indoors and enjoy an air-conditioned environment. Businesses should be […]

3 Ways to Improve Communication In Your Small Business

3 Ways to Improve Communication In Your Small Business

What do you think of when you hear the term ‘business communications’? If what comes to mind is telephone systems and video conferencing platforms, you’re right. Those are important business communications tools but communication is about the bigger picture, including relations between management and staff in your organization. Good communication isn’t easy to get right, […]


IT Monitoring – Prevent Issues Before they get Expensive

Monitoring an entire network for problems can be complicated. The advantage of managed IT services is that technicians have all the right tools to carry out comprehensive checks. At Quikteks we are able to detect, identify and fix computer issues before they start to cause serious problems. Sometimes computer and network problems creep up slowly, […]


A 6-Point Guide To Small Business Tech Support

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Three IT Practices that Can Drive Your Business’ Success

Three IT Practices that Can Drive Your Business’ Success

Your business technology exists to boost your business operations, productivity and profits and to make everyone’s life easier. To do this, there are a few basic principles to follow. Let’s take a look at three strategies and why they’re important. 1. Using Tools and Processes Consistently Consider this scenario. Team A uses Microsoft’s solution suite. […]

Cut Down on Cost of Business Overhead with these 5 Solutions

Are you a business owner? If so, you’ll know that unnecessary expenses can negatively affect your bottom line. Perhaps you’ve already tried cutting costs and services, only to discover that, although it brings you some savings in the long term, you’re also limiting your organization’s potential. It’s possible to get more and still save on […]

If You Haven’t Already, It’s Time to Thoroughly Document Your Business IT

If You Haven’t Already, It’s Time to Thoroughly Document Your Business IT

A business’ technology is by all measures a part of its inventory, and as such, it needs to be tracked. Let’s consider why in more detail, and how to do so properly. Was this Helpful? YesNo

What to do if your Laptop is Stolen

Mobile devices have one unavoidable flaw – because they’re portable they are easily stolen. Someone can just pick it and run away. LoJack, a security firm with a special focus on stolen goods, estimates that every year two million laptops are stolen. If it happens to you, what should you do? Laptops aren’t just expensive […]


How To Avoid Unpleasant Surprises When Moving to a New Office

So you’ve outgrown your office space and need to relocate. Congratulations on reaching this milestone with your business, but do you know what to look for in a new building? Finding the perfect setup can be daunting, especially if you don’t know what to look for. To help you out, here are four tips to […]

Our Business Technology Covers These 2 Areas

All businesses need to use some sort of technology to keep their operations moving forward. Yet, it’s often difficult to gauge how new solutions will function with your current systems. You need to take your options into careful consideration before making such an important choice, and only an analysis of your current setup will help […]

10 Ways to Prevent Getting Scammed On Cyber Monday

10 Ways to Prevent Getting Scammed On Cyber Monday You’re probably familiar with Black Friday. A few days later it’s Cyber Monday – an equally massive sales event for great tech deals. If you’re eager for bargains, remember this: it’s also a great opportunity for scammers and cybercriminals. Here are ten ways to stay safe […]

Server too Loud?

Cloud computing is a great innovation that’s changing how businesses operate. As with many innovations, some people will be wary or reluctant to embrace it. For cloud computing to work optimally in your business you’ll need your staff on board. Here are three objections to using the cloud and ways to overcome resistance to using […]

Too Much Email In Your Inbox? Try These 3 Tips

Email is a central part of any functional modern office, but if you aren’t proactive in keeping your inbox under control, you could be wasting time on unnecessary messages or spam. If you want to get the most out of your workday, it’s imperative that you take back control of your business email inbox. Here […]

Backups Are Crucial For Users

Losing your data isn’t just annoying. It can be disastrous. Lots of people have told us their stories about the consequences of losing their personal or business data. Thanks to everyone who let us know about and share their experiences of data loss. Don’t forget to share your own stories with us in the comments! […]

Is it Time to Rethink the 8-Hour Workday?

How many hours a day do you work? Chances are that, as a business owner, you put in more than the average worker. Your team might put in the requisite eight hours, but you might find yourself putting in more. After all, working more hours means more productivity, right? Well… wrong. A recent study shows […]

Prepare for the Worst | Quikteks

Disaster Preparedness Includes Disaster Recovery

Today is Disaster Preparedness Day! This means that there’s no time quite like the present for preparing for potential future data emergencies. While the type of disasters vary immensely depending on your business’s geographical location, every business needs a disaster recovery plan implemented as soon as possible. Was this Helpful? YesNo

What To Do When The Internet Goes Out

Losing Internet can be a large problem in the business world, as we all become more and more reliant on it. Downtime of this kind can be immensely frustrating. However, not all hope is lost, as there are ways to troubleshoot the cause of an Internet outage. Was this Helpful? YesNo

New Ransomeware You Need to Be Aware Of

On September 10th, 2013, a new ransomware known as Trojan:Win32/Crilock.A began attacking computers all over the Internet, locking users out of their PCs and putting company’s sensitive data at risk. If your computer gets infected, then it could mean real problems for you and your company’s computer users. Here are the details on what this […]

Content Filtering | Quikteks

How to Bypass Content Filters

With so much nasty content just begging to get viewed on the Internet, it’s understandable why a content filter needs to be integrated into your company’s web viewing protocol. Still, it should be understood that your content filter isn’t going to keep all questionable content away from prying eyes. Therefore, the only way you can […]

Why Partner With An MSP From A Procurement Perspective

Information technology is crucial in today’s businesses. However, IT procurement is a central part of business success. This means you need a provider that can deliver the value you need. How Businesses Can Acquire the IT They Need Business technology is made up of many different pieces, and they don’t all come from the same […]

Why Partner With An MSP From A Data Management Perspective

Managed services offer businesses a better way to buy and manage their technology. A lot of today’s technology is for storing, securing, and leveraging important data. A managed service provider can help you get more value out of your data management practices. Let’s look at how. How Can a Managed Service Provider Improve Your Data […]

Technology Making it Possible to Go Back to School Online

Technology Making it Possible to Go Back to School Online

In 2020, education is dealing with a whole new reality. COVID-19 is making it difficult to get students back in the classroom, so most schools are going be doing at least half some of their classes online. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the technology that is making this distance learning possible. Remote […]

3 Steps to Successful Business Continuity Planning

By now, you’ve probably heard about the importance of business continuity and disaster recovery planning for small businesses. According to FEMA, more businesses have business continuity plans than ever before. With so many SMBs looking to secure their future, there are still a few aspects of business continuity planning that today’s business need to comprehend. […]


How to Speed Up a Windows PC

How to Speed Up a Windows PC Computers have changed our lives in almost every way, allowing us to accomplish tasks in a fraction of the time they once took and boosting efficiency and productivity. But computers can also cause huge frustration when they slow down and take ages to do what you’ve asked them […]

The Different Types of IT Monitoring

Being proactive is the way to get the most out of your IT and avoid problems arising. IT monitoring does just that. Here are some different monitoring systems that could be useful, or even vital, for your business. Monitor Your Network IT technicians monitoring a network can see if there’s anything out of the ordinary […]

How to Test Your Disaster Recovery Preparedness

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” -Benjamin Franklin This saying is particularly apt where disaster recovery is concerned. If you don’t have a bulletproof disaster recovery strategy in place, you’re in line for a failure of the worst kind. Make sure that your backup and disaster recovery plans are effective by testing […]

What Does ‘Managed’ Mean in Managed Service Providers?

As business technology becomes increasingly important for companies, managed IT services have become a popular solution. But what are ‘managed services’? The short answer is that it’s the management of your day-to-day business tech needs, so you are relieved of the sometimes time-consuming work of troubleshooting the issues that technology inevitably throws up. Even if […]

How to Map Out Your Network’s Growing Pains

Business growth is a double edged sword. It is great that you are increasing revenue, but you now have to deal with growing pains. These growing pains are often felt with your technology. Is your network cobbled together with random computers and your wires are one big tangle ball? Quikteks can help relieve these IT […]


The Importance of Two-Factor Authentication

What do the celebrity photo leaks, DropBox’s password security breach, and nearly all of the most recent high- and low-profile security breaches have in common? Passwords Management. These data breaches began with cracking users’ passwords. Passwords are the weakest link. They’re both easy to steal and notoriously easy to crack. Hackers, viruses, and malicious software […]

Practices to Improve Time Management

If there’s any experience that’s universally shared by the modern worker, it’s the sensation that there aren’t enough hours in the day. Fortunately, there are some habits that can be developed that can help to mitigate these feelings by enhancing productivity. For this week’s tip, we’ll discuss some of these practices to help boost your […]


How To Get Rid of Those Pesky Extra Cables

Here’s something computer users wherever they are have in common: cords, wires and adapters sitting in a drawer or cupboard, doing nothing more than take up space. Is that you? Of course it is. Old or broken devices are replaced, the new one has its own cabling and so all the old bits go into […]

The Importance Of Saving Files To A Shared Folder

Since the 1990s, computer users have been accustomed to saving their files to the ‘My Documents’ or ‘Documents’ folder on their PCs and Macs. Though these file locations are a useful part of the computer’s local system, it’s time to break this habit to prevent the potential for data loss at work. File locations matter […]

What Your IT Documentation Needs to Include, and Why

What Your IT Documentation Needs to Include, and Why

Most businesses rely heavily on their technology resources – so you need to know exactly what those IT resources are. Best practice is to maintain detailed documentation about your IT systems and their support history. Managed service providers document your technology comprehensively, so let’s take a look at what effective IT documentation includes and why […]

How To Identify A Malicious URL in a Phishing Email

We have some tips on how to identify a malicious URL in a suspicious email.

How To Keep Employees Off of Distracting Websites

The internet is a wonderful tool but, for every website that is helpful to a business, there’s another that is certainly the opposite. A few minutes a day spent catching up on news headlines, or checking personal emails and social media updates probably isn’t a car crash, but there are some sites that can tempt […]

Threats Eliminated By Backing Up Your Data

In business, you have to plan for the eventuality that something could happen. Whether it’s a fire, a cyber attack, or a bonehead user error, your data is too important to leave unprotected. Let’s discuss some of the most likely causes of data loss, and what you can do to protect your business. Natural Disasters […]

Why It’s A Good Idea To Have An Extra Workstation In The Office

Do you need an extra workstation? It might seem surplus to requirements and just an unnecessary additional expense. In fact, a spare PC is routinely recommended in business continuity plans. It’s all about being prepared for unforeseen problems that can disrupt day-to-day operations. Useful Backup A spare workstation is a useful backup for any workplace. […]

Helpful Shortcuts for Excel (4)

Microsoft Excel has a lot of moving parts, and it’s helpful to be familiar with formatting commands. For this week’s tip, let’s look at some useful Excel formatting shortcuts. Align Perhaps the most basic Excel formatting of all, it can help to distinguish between your data to have different values aligned to the cell in […]

How To Test Your Backup

Data backup can be the difference between business failure and success. Logically, if an organization suffers from a data loss incident serious enough to need its data backup, it might not survive without it. With a data backup and disaster solution, you can ensure business continuity. How does this kind of system work? Let’s discuss […]

How to Write an Email that Will Actually Get Replied To

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re watching your inbox, waiting for a response that probably isn’t coming? This is a problem that’s all too common, and it’s because the average business owner could very well be stymieing their own progress by sending emails that are too long, too wordy, or even too […]

How Long Has Remote Work Been Around?

Think working from home is a recent innovation? It’s actually the other way around. Now, due to remote methodology, things are getting back to normal. Let’s look back through the years to see how available technology drove how people worked. Working from Home Was Largely the Norm Until the Industrial Revolution, especially in the medieval […]

How to Best Utilize a Physical Backup

How do you handle on-premise, physical data backups? This is a question that you don’t want to be asking during a crisis. Despite many benefits of digital storage, physical data backup is still an important part of the business continuity process. A physical backup could save your business from total loss. First, when we mean […]

Best Practices To Protect Your Business Technology

Cybercrime comes in many shapes and sizes, but most of them can be avoided through a few basic behavior changes. Here are a few tips to help you prevent attacks from being successful. We hope you share them with your team. 1. Don’t Just Click on Any Link It’s almost automatic: see a link, click. […]

The Importance of Password Management for Remote Employees

If you have remote employees, you may want to emphasize the importance of maintaining a complex password when signing into your network.

Tomato | Quikteks, LLC

How To Be More Productive

The key to a productive workday may be the tomato. Not in the sense that eating more tomatoes will make you smarter; instead, we’re talking about the classic tomato-shaped cooking timer that counts down from 25 minutes. It turns out that 25-minute-tomato increments could be the most effective way to accomplish your work. Was this […]

How To Make Sure Your Workstation is Sanitized

At Quikteks we are always worried about viruses, but today let’s talk about what you can do to keep actual viruses away from you and your technology. Microorganisms like the COVID-19 thrive in the office environment. With many people in a confined space, there are many ways that we can be infected. Research shows that […]

Target Data

How to Migrate Servers

Sometimes all the data on a server has to be moved. When this happens, all the files and applications are transferred to another server unit in a procedure called server migration. What is Server Migration? Server migration is the process by which the data on tone unit is moved to another unit, for a variety […]

How To Troubleshoot A Failed Backup

Your business relies on its IT, but if disaster were to strike, how easily could you recover efficient operations? What if your backup failed? Incomplete or Corrupted Backups Imagine the nightmare if your last backup didn’t process correctly. According to Rachel A. Dines, a senior analyst at Forrester Research, this could happen, and you should […]

Signs Your Technology Might Be Older Than You

Is your tech getting elderly? It’s not just how many years your computer has lasted. There are machines that are almost twenty years old that are still functioning, even in the fast-changing world of technology. The problem is quality. Like a cat or dog, even a device that’s ‘only’ a few years old may be […]


How To Benefit From You IT (3 Tips)

We get it. All you ask of your computer systems is that they work, so you can get on with your business. And yet, it sometimes seems that the one thing you can rely on computers to do is malfunction. The fact is that a computer system that always behaves perfectly doesn’t really exist. On […]

Power Off, or Leave It On?

At the end of the day, do you shut down your computer or do you put it into sleep mode? It depends on what you need from your device the next day. Here are some of the pros and cons of both approaches. Understanding the Difference During a shutdown, a computer turns off any software […]

What to Ask Your Cloud Provider (4 Questions)

The cloud has revolutionized the way that businesses approach computing. Companies can implement solutions in a flexible and accessible model that makes it much easier to take advantage of technology solutions. Yet, you should know that not all clouds are the same, and you can’t treat them as such. Here are four questions that you […]


Tech Solutions. Is Your Company Using These 3?

Efficiency. As a business leader, this word has probably become a favorite of yours. A great place to start is with your technology. Let’s look at three solutions that will increase your technology’s efficiency: remote outsourcing, cloud computing, and VoIP. Do You Fall Between Two Stools? According to a survey conducted by InformationWeek, the average […]

Why You Need A VPN For Your Business

Now that the COVID-19 has so many of us working from home, more and more businesses are using a virtual private network, or VPN. VPNs encrypt data while in transit, which solves the issue with remote workstations. Not all VPNs are the same, so let’s make sure you select the right solution for your needs. […]

The Three R’s of Data Backup: Redundancy, Reliability, Recovery

It’s a fact of life – sometimes disaster can strikes your computer or network. Viruses can infect your system and hard drives can crash. It’s not only IT issues either. What if there’s a fire in your building? Or a burglar steals your device or even your server? With your data properly and regularly backed […]

Backup Delivers Peace of Mind in Times of Crisis

With most businesses dipping into their disaster recovery strategies, and millions of workers either out of work or working remotely, it is honestly a great time to remind you that March 31st is World Backup Day. This is a day where we help promote the idea of taking backups of your crucial IT systems to […]

How to Declutter Your Computer

Do you remember the day you bought your current computer? Unboxing a shiny new machine is always a delight. Today it might still look like new on the outside, but the inside is another story. Computers collect and store all sorts of digital clutter, from unnecessary files to outdated or unused software. This week’s tips […]

10 Ways to Fix Your Home Wi-Fi Problems

Slow Wi-Fi can slow down everything you want to do. Browsing the web and emailing becomes tedious or impossible. That movie you’re streaming buffers endlessly or stops. Alexa won’t reply. Phones go back to defaults. Your routine is disrupted. Why is your Wi-Fi slowing down? Wi-Fi problems can be caused by all sorts of things […]


Fallen Victim To Identity Theft? Here’s What To Do

The unfortunate truth of increased technology is that there is also an increase in cybercrime, more specifically identity theft. The question is, what can you do to help prevent it, and how should you react to it should it strike? The more information you have, the more interested the hacker There are plenty of ways […]

How To Choose the Right Storage for Your Business

No matter where it is kept, the security of your data is of paramount importance. We’ve weighed these options against each other to help you establish which is the better option for your business’ needs. Was this Helpful? YesNo

Why is My Network Slow?

Many things can slow down your network. Here are some common causes: Insufficient Bandwidth Do you need more bandwidth or are you not using it efficiently? If you demand too much of your Internet service at a given time, tasks will complete slowly and inefficiently. If this happens consistently, you may need more bandwidth for […]

IT Network Support For 50 Employees

When your company grows to 50 or more people, there are some IT network items you will need to address. Map Out Your Network Mapping networks for businesses is a little more involved than playing connect the dots on a restaurant placemat. There are several networking tools that are used to integrate auto network discovery […]

How To Stay Safe And Secure On Your Business Trip

Cybersecurity on the Road Do you find yourself traveling for your business? For whatever reason, you probably spend some time on the road that could be spent on office tasks. Thanks to today’s technology, you can remain productive while mobile. But don’t forget security. Cyber threats are everywhere, and travelers unaware of security best practices […]

Resolving IT Issues | Quikteks, LLC

3 Ways To Resolve A Tech Issue For Your Employee

3 Ways to Resolve a Tech Issue for Your Employee Some employees never seem to have a tech issue using the computer at work. But you might know one who’s always experiencing problems and glitches. They might keep getting an error that doesn’t bother anyone else, or they can’t set up something that everyone else […]

How to Protect Yourself from Invoice Phishing Email

As cybercriminals become more sophisticated in their methods of attack, it is all the more crucial to protect the safety of your company, staff and reputation. In order to spot and avoid these attacks, however, everyone must get involved. Invoice Impersonation Attack Unfortunately, because of their sophistication, it’s getting harder to spot, and avoid, these […]


Avoid Downtime- Update Your Software!

Avoid Downtime- Update Your Software! Upgrading your company’s computer infrastructure is a smart move, although it doesn’t come cheap. You need to make sure you’re getting the most of your investment in your new technology. One of the advantages of upgrading your IT systems is that you’ll enjoy better protection against the many cyberthreats out […]

Know Why a Client is Calling Before You Answer

Pros and Cons of Switching to VoIP Phone Services

Thinking of making the switch to VoIP phone service? Doing so could bring you a wealth of useful features at a fraction of the cost. As with anything, you’ll want to examine both the advantages and disadvantages of switching to VoIP. Here’s what you need to know. What is VoIP? VoIP stands for Voice over […]

How To Choose Very Strong Passwords That Are Easy To Remember

What makes a password strong is the combination of different alphanumeric, special characters, and capitalization that you use, and of course the length of the password. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to remember and type an epistle when I fill out a password field. And, ideally, I don’t want to use […]

How to Keep IT and the Rest of Your Staff on the Same Side

There are some facets to IT that are universally accepted as important, such as security. However, there are also others that create some conflicting opinions between management and IT personnel. When surveyed, business leaders and IT management held vastly different opinions as to the importance of various IT tasks. Is there a way to unify […]

The Snowpocalypse IT Survival Guide

If you’ve reached this post, it likely means there is a massive snowstorm heading your way. Some of you may want to work from home to avoid shoveling your car out of the driveway. But is your company ready to have you work from home during a heavy snowstorm? We’ve gathered a checklist for your […]

What Happens During an IT Assessment?

Is your technology is set up to help reach your business’ potential? IT is used for so many different business solutions that it can be hard to find the best solution for the way your business functions. For most businesses, IT is a crucial part of day-to-day operations. Logically you would want to understand how […]

Your Business Processes Are Everything

The word “procedure” can easily be perceived in a negative light nowadays. It just sounds so… rote… compared to the exciting and dynamic buzzwords that so many “thought-leading, influencing, social media innovators” today toss around. Now, we don’t mean to disparage these personalities – we just want to emphasize that these innovations rely on a […]

How To Share Files Cautiously

The cloud lets your business share files easily and efficiently, but regardless of how useful this feature is, you need to make sure that your team understands how and why they’re given access to certain files. Giving the freedom to share files is great, but it can quickly become a hindrance when you have inexperienced […]

How to Clean Your Monitor, Keyboard, and the Inside of Your PC

A clean computer is a happy computer. Just like any other piece of gadgetry, a computer requires regular cleanup sessions to keep it purring. In fact, January is Clean Up Your Computer Month, so let’s get to it. Power Down First Power down and unplug before you start cleaning anything so you don’t accidentally hurt […]

How Our Help Desk Benefits You

You may know that Quikteks has a help desk to assist our clients. Different companies offer support in various ways. We’d like to share some of the reasons why we think that our approach to IT support is better for our customers. It’s partly because of the tools we use. They’ve been chosen to make […]

4 Timeless Cybersecurity Rules to Live By

Everyone knows that cyber security is important. Most people are now well aware that it’s necessary to actively protect their personal data and online privacy. Key issues include what data is being collected (and who’s collecting it), data theft and the threats that increasingly sophisticated malware, ransomware and phishing scams can pose. Cyber security can […]

A Brief Review of Backup Strategies

Do you use digital data in your business? Most modern businesses do. If so, you have to have a backup system. No ifs and buts – it’s absolutely essential. You almost certainly have data in your system that’s either hard to replace or can’t be replaced at all. So you need regular backups to protect […]

How To Control File Sharing for Employees in Microsoft OneDrive

The ability to share files easily is a wonderful thing for effective working in the modern office. If your business uses Office 365 then you and your employees can share files using Microsoft’s cloud storage, OneDrive. It makes it simple for staff to upload, sync and share documents and folders. This is all good, but […]

Diving Into the Differences Between Proactive and Reactive

Do you operate your business proactively or reactively? While many businesses still approach their technology issues reactively, the proactive approach is more effective for business today. Let’s explore both strategies. What Does a Reactive Approach Look Like? A business that doesn’t change until something happens is reactive; ramping up when a new competitor appears, or […]

Why Managed Services: Consulting

Information technology has become a central part of modern business, but because it’s getting more and more complicated, the average business user needs help managing it. In this series, we’re looking at how a managed service provider can add value to your IT. This post is about how the managed service provider can serve as […]

Why Managed Services: IT Support

Information technology support has evolved as methods and equipment have improved. As a result, there are many ways that managed IT providers can deliver additional value through their services. In this series, we’re discussing the many benefits of managed services; support is one of the most important. How a Managed Service Provider Provides Support In […]

Why Managed Services: Proactive Maintenance and Management

The only reason to change services is if it benefits you. In IT support, managed services deliver greater value than the familiar break/fix method. In this series, we’ll explore what managed services contribute to a business, starting with proactive maintenance. How Do Managed Services Work, Compared to Traditional Support? Let’s consider these contrasting scenarios: Jack […]

Anonymous Internet Users | Quikteks

5 Common Sense Tactics to Safeguard Your Online Identity

Think You’re Invisible? The anonymity Internet supposedly provides can give one a false sense of security. If you find yourself browsing some sketchy websites, you may get burned. Take, for example, the hack of Ashley Madison, a website dedicated to cheating on one’s spouse. Recently a group called the “Impact Team,” hacked the site and […]

Backup and Disaster Recovery Can Keep You from Losing It All

Backup and disaster recovery (BDR) is actually a combination of two separate processes that work together. Let’s discuss the differences so you can make intelligent choices. Preparing for a Data Backup 1. You need data handling policies and a scalable solution: Clarify your policies regarding data backups, keeping in mind that you are planning for […]

4 Useful Windows Tips

Save Eight Days All Windows machines have built-in shortcuts. Did you know that the average employee spends eight days per year moving between the keyboard and mouse? Keyboard shortcuts eliminate that, increasing productivity and efficiency. There are countless helpful keyboard shortcuts out there, but here is a list of our favorites. Switch Between Windows If […]

What Is ‘Safe Mode’ and When Would I Use It?

If your PC isn’t running properly, diagnosing the problem is the first step, so it can be dealt with before it becomes a system-breaking issue. Safe Mode (or Safe Boot on a Mac) is a way to boot up your computer in order to help identify troublesome issues. So when should you use Safe Mode, […]

4 Ways Technology Can Benefit Businesses

In business today, technology is a fundamental tool for a whole range of tasks. Computers are essential business aids that can keep a business competitive and efficient. Here are some of the key ways in which you can use tech solutions and reap the benefits of business technology. Relationship Management Tools Whether it’s in the […]

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Don’t Be Duped By a Phishing Attack: 4 Signs to Look Out For

Your business is assaulted by literally thousands of threats a day, so you install powerful security measures. Unfortunately, your network security doesn’t protect you from everything. Attacks like phishing scams can still bypass your security measures if you let them. Spear Phishing Hackers use phishing attacks to con your employees into handing over sensitive information. […]

How to Adjust Your Business for Collaboration

It makes sense if you think about it: collaborative working is a great way to boost productivity and take your organization forward faster. Taking advantage of the option-rich, dynamic technology available today is a great way to enhance your collaborative strategies and project co-ordination. Let’s take a look at some of the technologies organizations that […]

How To Prepare For a Successful Upgrade

You know that manufacturers and developers are always sending out upgrades for your business IT solutions. However, you need to have a strategy ready before you implement them. For this week’s tip, we’ll review how to put this strategy together. Step 1: Determining What Needs an Upgrade, and Why First, is the upgrade necessary? When […]

Why not windows 10

To Hire In-House IT Or Outsource?

Your IT needs have to be managed as your business develops. So, should you hire a full-time IT manager, or does it make more sense to hire an outside IT consulting company? Do you even need full-time IT support? Many small businesses don’t have an employee dedicated to IT full time. Those tasks often fall […]

Here Are a Few of Our Favorite Security Practice

We are always committed to improving IT security for businesses, so we’ve chosen to focus on this topic this week. If you don’t want your business and your data to go into lockdown then security is a top priority. Get a Grip on Access It’s logical if you think about it: if threats can’t get […]

Why Does Rebooting Your PC Take Care of So Many Issues?

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?” Tech support usually asks this question first because rebooting is a quick, low-tech way to resolve some basic issues with your system. However, there are many serious issues that a reboot won’t fix. We’ll walk you through what a reboot does, and it can be effective […]

Is it OK to Leave Your Gadgets out in the Cold?

Despite global warming, people in the United States have been experiencing some brutally cold winters recently. Cold weather makes humans do crazy things, like leaving their devices in freezing cars for hours. Is it ok for your gadgets to chill out? Don’t Get Extreme The extreme popularity of mobile devices means that many people take […]

12 Security Rules Every PC User Should Follow

While you probably keep network security at the top of your list, your workers may not put much thought into network security. Your employees are the most likely to encounter security issues, and security education can go a long way towards preventing data breaches and malware related problems. To help you avoid disaster, we’ve compiled […]

10 Ways To Prevent Malware From Harming Your PC

Prevention, as the saying goes, is the best medicine. Use the tips below to prevent malware from harming your PC.

Don’t Let Former Employees Haunt Your Business

Running a business always throws up some difficult situations that have to be dealt with. Glitches are par for the course. Then there are nightmare scenarios where the floor fall out from under your feet and you have to respond immediately to protect your business. Here are three scary situations you might find yourself in, […]

Don’t Get Phished in with Email Spoofing Scams

By now, you know better than to send money to a Nigerian prince who needs help accessing his fortune, and you might be suspicious if your bank sent you an email asking for information it already has. But what if one of your friends or family members sent you an email asking for cash to […]

How Technology Covers a Business’ Needs

Take a look at the business and the computer-based technology it relies on. There may be more than you think. The fact is that we live in the computer age and depend on IT for all sorts of things. Whether you run a small retail business, a multi-location office or a factory, IT solutions oil […]

5 Expenses Saved By Outsourcing IT

It’s convenient to have an in-house IT technician. If you have an issue, you call the IT department and ideally they fix it. We think it’s actually more advantageous to outsource your IT. Here are 5 reasons why. Save on Onboarding Costs Let’s say you want to hire a new IT technician. Have you ever […]

In-House or Hosted: Which is Best for Your Server Needs?

A server is a central component of any IT infrastructure, as it distributes information and policies across a network. Servers used to have to be on-site to work, but now we also have cloud-hosted virtualized servers. Which is the best fit for your business? Let’s take a look. List the Pros and Cons Both the […]

Getting Back to Email Security Basics

For cybercriminals and any else who might want to target your business, email is a favorite attack vector, because it’s so widely used. Your staff needs to know what potential threats just using email can pose to the security of your business. You need to train your staff in best practices to ensure that email […]

How To Lead Your Remote Workers to Success

Organizations that have a workforce outside of their normal office location are presented with a unique challenge. In the case of remote employees, businesses have to figure out how to keep them connected to the workplace, productive with their time, and part of the organization’s culture. This week’s tip is dedicated to helping your organization’s […]

7 Ways To Improve Online Security

Security is one of the main pain points for all businesses, but it can be tricky to implement solutions if you’re not sure of exactly what you need. If you need to tighten up security in your office, use this checklist of essential safety measures as a starting point to help you improve online security […]

4G or WiFi: Which is Safer To Use?

People have access to free WiFi virtually everywhere: hotel rooms, public libraries, local coffee shops, shopping malls, airports, etc. However, is it safer to use than staying on your 4G network? Let’s take a look below. The simple fact that you’re wondering is a good thing! Awareness of potential risks means you can take action […]


Why You Need to Be Careful when Discarding Technology

In computer technology things change fast. Both software and hardware rapidly become redundant. So you upgrade. It’s not long before you’re left with a stack of stuff cluttering up your office: devices, CDs, cables and other paraphernalia. When discarding technology don’t just dump it in the trash. It’s not just ordinary junk though. The Environmental […]


How to Adjust Your Router and Improve Your Connections

Wi-Fi has completely changed the playing field for the modern office. Connecting to the Internet without being physically connected to it has been incredibly freeing, and opens up all sorts of possibilities for business, but bad Wi-Fi is the kiss of death. Make sure that your Wi-Fi signals are as clear and reliable as possible. […]


How to Reduce the Use of Paper in the Office

Paper can be incredibly expensive, especially with the quantity that a normal business goes through every single day. However, not only is it expensive on the monetary side, but also on the environmental side as well. By making some changes around your office, you can be more eco-friendly and budget-friendly by reducing the amount of […]

Email Security Basics

Everybody uses email, but not everybody is malware savvy. Logically, email has become a favorite attack vector of malicious users. Here are some basic practices that will help keep your email account secure and your communications private. Follow Password Guidelines As you might imagine, one of the simplest ways that you can lock down your […]


3 Best Practices for Cloud Data Management

Storing data on the cloud is now common practice, for both business and home computer users. It’s easy, flexible and your data is accessible when you’re on the move. You can save money on hardware for data storage and as an easy way to back up your files it’s hard to beat. Before implementing a […]


8 Reasons Why It’s Time to Search for a New Managed Service Provider

It’s Not Me; It’s You Is it time to break up with your current managed service provider? Perhaps your needs have changed; maybe the MSP’s priorities have changed. Maybe your MSP hasn’t kept up with the innovations taking place across the industry. Wondering if it’s time to find a new managed service provider? Here are […]


3 Scenarios Every Business Continuity Plan Should Cover

What would you do if your business were suddenly struck by disaster? Do you have a plan in place to make sure that your business survives natural disasters, hardware failure, user error, or hacking attacks? Risk management and the implementation of a business continuity plan are vital. How to Handle Emergencies Never forget the safety […]


With the Right Preparation, Remote Work Can Add Great Value

Remote work can definitely be a win-win for you and your employees, but it requires some planning for you to enjoy the benefits while mitigating the risks. Benefits of Remote Work Allowing your employees to work from home full-time or on a flex basis is a fundamentally good strategy for many reasons. A sick employee […]


Ransomware Makes Backup a Vital Necessity

Your data is vital to your business; you need to have serious security measures put in place to protect it from ransomware. This year ransomware attacks are ramping up, so your business should prepare to deal with it. One of the best ways to deal with ransomware is to have a bulletproof data restoration plan. […]


How To Make the Most of Your Data Migration

Data migration is a sizable task. There’s plenty that could go wrong as you move your data from one server to another. As you transfer data, keep these few considerations in mind to ensure the process goes smoothly while getting the biggest benefit from the time it takes you. Was this Helpful? YesNo


Are You Using Licensed Software? You Better Be.

Using pirated software or abusing your software licenses for your business is no joke. But whose fault is it and who gets punished if your business gets caught? Many software companies, in an attempt to protect their products, actually end up rewarding the guilty. OK, nobody should use pirated software, but some of the tactics […]


4 New Ways To Use Your Old, Unused Android Device

When your smartphone contract expires, and you have the option to upgrade to a new model, you’ll probably do just that. The old one goes into a drawer, just in case your new phone is lost or broken. And there it stays, doing nothing. There are ways to put that old smartphone or tablet to […]


Freezing Weather? 4 Tips To Protect Your Technology From The Cold

You know not to let your technology get too hot, but did you know that extreme cold can be harmful too? As we head into seriously cold weather, remember these four tips: 1. Don’t Leave Your Devices In The Car Just a few hours can cause damage. 2. Wrap Them Up If you’re going outside […]


Getting Back to Basics with Data Backup

It’s no industry secret that one of the most important pieces of IT any business should have is a data backup solution. However, this is like saying that every business should have a plant: the type of plant, and (by extension) the type of data backup, matters. You want a data backup that is more […]


4 Tools to Secure Your Business

Business security is a common issue for many small organizations with limited budgets, but it doesn’t have to be an issue. We’re here to help you master the seemingly endless threats and security problems that major vulnerabilities present to the small business environment, and it all starts out by understanding how even basic security solutions […]


4 Useful Mouse Hacks You Didn’t Know About

Do you know all the neat little tricks that your mouse capable of? Here are a few time-saving tricks: Easy Select With More Control To select a lot of text, double-click on the first word, scroll down to the bottom, hold down Shift, and click on the last word you want. All of the text […]


3 Tips Every Outlook User Should Know

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email clients in the world, especially for small and medium businesses. The most recent version of Outlook has some cool features to make your life easier. Below are three Outlook life hacks to help you make the most of your tools. Was this Helpful? YesNo


8 Best Practices In Data Loss Prevention

Hackers, computer viruses, and even careless employees are all threats to your company’s most sensitive data. Here are 8 best practices your company should implement asap for protection. 1. Back Up Your Data A good backup solution is a great way to prevent data loss. If your network goes down, a restore from your most […]


4 Ways to Maybe Get Work Done on Your Laptop With a Toddler Nearby

Let’s say you’ve got an email that you really need to crank out from home, and pronto. So, you whip out your laptop to get started, and that’s when you spot the menacing eyes of a toddler from across the room. What do you do? Is it even possible to use a mobile device once […]


3 PC Maintenance Tips Every User Should Know

In today’s world, technology can help you accomplish pretty much anything. However, just like any other expensive equipment you own, making sure your device is properly maintained is vital for its longevity.


Is Your Company’s Data Encrypted? It Should Be

Data might be the most important aspect of your organization, but how well do you protect it throughout your network? Every organization has data like personally identifiable information and financial credentials stashed away somewhere on the network, so security isn’t something that you can ignore. One of the best ways you can safeguard your data […]


Shop Safe While Online With These 3 Common-Sense Tactics

It seems that you can find absolutely anything online, but unfortunately, this includes cyber threats. No deal is worth getting hacked, so here are some best practices that can help you stay safe while bargain hunting. Stick to Well Known Companies When shopping online, large well-known websites are more secure than the smaller, never-heard-of-it sites […]


4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Managed Service Provider

Managed service providers (MSPs) offer IT support for small and medium-sized businesses, usually on a subscription model. Generally, this is done remotely rather than on site, which helps keep prices down. The advantage of an MSP subscription is that you typically pay a flat rate to cover your IT support needs. Different firms offer different […]


Use Your Smartphone With the Lights Off? You Might Be Risking Temporary Blindness

Are Your Eyes Burning? The Vision Council defines digital eye strain as “the physical discomfort felt after two or more hours in front of a digital screen and is associated with the close to mid-range distance of digital screens.” Don’t dismiss the eye pain we all feel after long hours in front of the screen. […]


3 Ways to Minimize the Chance of Cloud Migration Failure

Moving your data and IT operations to the cloud is not an easy task and the process will be different for every business. Sometimes the best laid plans don’t work out in practice, so you’ll need to be able to adapt if necessary. If you can’t tweak your plan to get around unexpected problems then […]


Interviewing for a Remote Position? Ask These 5 Questions.

Modern office technology makes it possible for workers can perform their daily duties anytime, anywhere. Hiring remote workers makes sense; employers get the talent they need without being limited by geographical location or having to supply a workstation. Unfortunately, finding a good candidate is not a given. Here are some questions that you should consider […]


Tip of the Week: Forgot Your Wi-Fi Password? Here’s How to Find It

You might know your Wi-Fi password, but can you tell your new staff members, guests, and clients, what it is off the top of your head? If you don’t write your password down, or store it somewhere that’s easily accessible, it can be difficult to remember; especially if it’s long and complex like it should […]


Dark Data Continues to Be a Problem for Businesses

Your business requires specific data to keep operations moving on a daily basis. However, for all of the data that you use, there’s information that you have stored away that never sees the light of day. This “dark data,” could be putting your business at risk, especially if auditing your current data storage usage isn’t […]

Tip of the Week: 4 Brilliant Ways to Get More Work Done

There are some workdays where distractions are abound and you can’t even remember what you’re supposed to be doing. In trying times like these, you need all the help you can get, just to stay focused and on task. Here are four simple adjustments to your work routine that have been proven to do wonders […]

Use Android to Get Gmail Functionality for Your Non-Gmail Email Account

Gmail is a great email client, but not everyone uses it as their primary method of email communication. Some might prefer Microsoft Outlook, or they might still be using Yahoo Mail. Even if Google wants you to be using their email service, they know that they can’t win them all. For those who want the […]

Notifications Are What’s Draining Your Battery, Not Open Apps

We’ve all run into the trouble of keeping our smartphone’s battery preserved for as long as possible. Many people think that the apps themselves are what bogs down the battery and drains its charge, but we’re here to tell you that this is not the case. Instead, let’s determine what really drains your device’s battery. […]

Back to Basics: 3 PC Best Practices You Need to Know

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is return to the basics. For example, you can know all of the keyboard shortcuts in the world, but that doesn’t help you properly shut down your computer. Here are three tips for every computer user who wants to make sure that they’re using PC best […]

Computer Tech Security | Quikteks

Per New Report Citing Spike in Ransomware Attacks, New Jersey Computer Tech Support Leader Quikteks Urges Small Businesses to Strengthen Cyber Security

FAIRFIELD, NEW JERSEY (PRWEB) OCTOBER 07, 2015 In light of a new report by Panda Security in which the world’s leading provider of cloud-based security solutions cites a dramatic increase in ransomware in the second quarter of 2015, New Jersey computer tech support leader Quikteks is urging small businesses to be proactive and strengthen their […]

The Best Way to Keep Your IT Infrastructure Operating at Maximum Efficiency

It’s the goal of every IT administrator for every part of their network to run smoothly. Achieving this level of IT perfection is a beautiful thing that makes the job of everyone in the company easier. Unfortunately, all it takes is one component to fail for this dream of IT utopia to come crashing down. […]

Get New Tech Using a Long-Term Replacement Plan

New technologies keep evolving by always improving on previous designs. This is technology 101. Despite this continuing evolution, many business owners are hesitant to adopt new technology, and choose to continue using older equipment in an effort to save money. A better way for your business  to approach technology is to have a long-term replacement […]

Office Frustration

Are You Sure Your Former Employees Won’t Cause Problems?

If you run your own business, you may have had to ask an employee to leave. There could be all sorts of scenarios where you were forced to let a staff member go. Whatever the problem was, that’s a solution – but is that the end of it? Even if culpable, nobody likes being fired, […]

7 Tech Requirements For All Companies

Your aim as a small business owner is not just to survive but to thrive and grow. You’ll probably try to limit unnecessary spending, but cutting expenditure can be a false economy if you end up going without equipment and services that could enhance your success. Technology can be costly and so it sometimes it’s […]


3 Easy Tips to Improve Your PC’s Boot Up Time

Improving your computer’s startup time is a great way to get more productivity out of your work day. Nothing is worse than getting to work ready to get to it and it ends up taking 15 minutes for your PC to boot. Studies have shown that people are most productive during the early hours of […]


Communication with the Helpdesk

Miscommunication can cause problems for all parties when it comes to IT support. A user with limited computer knowledge trying to describe what’s wrong with their computer to an IT professional can be like a comedy sketch. These days it’s all much easier. Remote monitoring and management mean that technicians don’t have to rely on […]


5 Important IT Practices

There are few businesses today that don’t rely on computers to manage their operations but, in spite of all the benefits, maintaining an IT infrastructure can be challenging. Managed IT services are an affordable way to ensure that everything keeps running smoothly. Here are five IT practices that our IT services are founded upon, and […]


File Sharing Options to Consider

It’s the information age. If you are always on the go, or you work as a member of a team, it helps if your work is accessible remotely. The ability to have relevant files on hand is nice and at times can be essential to the welfare of your business. Below are a few cloud-based […]