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Don’t Get Phished Out of Your Stimulus Payment

It’s not a big surprise that hordes of scammers are trying to steal the federally mandated stimulus money. We’ve already seen a couple of COVID-19 phishing scams, but now with everybody getting cash, scammers are like sharks with blood in the water. The U.S. government has distributed checks before, but with more people using online […]

How To Detect A Phishing Attack

Cyberattacks today use the techniques used by magicians: sleight of hand and misdirection. Many businesses today have good data security, including secure passwords and data encryption. Hackers need to trick people into revealing information that will allow them to get past the protections. Phishing is a common way of doing this. Here are some clues […]

Alert: Microsoft is Retiring Two Major Operating Systems

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 EOS In six months, there will be two Windows End of Life events for major technology solutions: Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. If you are running either of these programs, upgrade now before it’s too late. End of Support Is January 14th, 2020 If your organization […]

Make Sure Your Business is Safe from Meltdown and Spectre

Intel recently found itself (once again) in hot water, mere months after many flaws were discovered in the firmware that enables all of their chips to do their job. This time, the issue could have potentially caused a permanent dip in the CPU’s capacity to function properly. This has come to be known as the […]


What is the ‘KRACK’ WiFi Security Weakness And How To Stay Protected

Earlier this week, researchers published information about a newly discovered weakness in the security standard that protects all modern Wi-Fi networks we use at home, work, restaurants, etc. We want to inform you what is at stake here, who is most at-risk, and what organizations and individuals can do about it. What is the ‘KRACK’ Wi-Fi […]


One Of Your Biggest Security Risks: Your Employees

You might be surprised by how many of your organization’s security issues originate from within. A major contributor is user error, which can lead to some pretty severe problems reaching from your data security, to your workflow, all the way to the continuation of your business itself. Was this Helpful? YesNo


Ransomware Is Exploding… Is Your Business Ready For The Blast?

Internet threats are serious and so most people know something about viruses, malware and spyware. Ransomware is one of the scariest, and one of the fastest growing threats to your computer security. Businesses have even more cause than most to fear this malicious software. It’s time to make sure that you’re doing what you can […]


Lessons Learned From The Equifax Hack

The Equifax breach is yet again the latest example of a massive corporation getting hacked and exposing millions of sensitive information. Unfortunately, hacks like this are becoming too frequent for our own safety, and will likely happen again. We are forever at the mercy of the security systems of the companies we trust to hold […]


Was Your Device One of Over a Million Breached By New Android Malware?

The branch of malware known as Ghost Push now has a new component, Gooligan, and it certainly lives up to its name. Google was struck by an attack that infected over one million Android users, with over 13,000 additional devices adding to that total on a daily basis. Was this Helpful? YesNo


Android Malware Can Control Your Phone Through Twitter

Hackers continue to innovate and cause trouble for businesses of all industries and sizes. One of the more interesting recent tactics includes utilizing a malicious Twitter account to command a botnet of Android devices to do its bidding. Twitoor is considered to be the first real threat to actively use a social network in this […]


Some Evil Genius Just Combined the Pyramid Scheme With Ransomware

The ransomware machine keeps moving forward, despite significant opposition. In particular, the ransomware tag-team duo of Petya and Mischa have steamrolled most attempts to block them from accessing critical systems, always finding ways to outsmart security professionals. Now, these ransomwares have adopted a Ransomware as a Service model, which has made significant changes to the […]


Alert: Acer Breach Compromised Customer Credit Cards

Users of Acer’s online store between May 12th, 2015, and April 28th, 2016, may be in for a rude awakening. Acer may be attempting to contact you to relay that your credit card’s credentials have been lifted by hackers. The breach in question resulted in 34,500 customers having their credentials stolen, including the user’s name, […]


An Astounding 50% of IT Projects End in Failure

How did your last major IT initiative turn out? Were you able to get what you wanted implemented in an orderly fashion, or did it fail to provide a return on investment? You might be surprised to hear that half of the IT projects implemented by businesses ultimately wind up as a failure, and these […]


This Move By Google Spells Doom for Adobe Flash

In light of a recent zero-day vulnerability discovered with Adobe Flash, along with the wide adoption of the alternative rich media player HTML5, Google has put into motion plans to stop supporting Flash for its popular web browser, Google Chrome. By all accounts, this move may be the final nail in the coffin for the […]


Know When Your Windows OS Expires and Why it Matters

All technology is always changing, and Microsoft’s operating systems aren’t designed to last forever. New operating systems have new features and improved security to deal with the latest in cybercrime. Microsoft wants users to use newer operating systems and they do this by stopping ending support and the updates they previously provided for outdated OS […]


The Quikteks Snowstorm IT Survival Guide

If you’ve reached this post, it likely means there is a massive snowstorm heading your way. Some of you may want to work from home to avoid shoveling your car out of the driveway. But is your company ready to have you work from home during a heavy snowstorm? We’ve gathered a checklist for your […]

Warning: Malicious Adware Finds New Way to Spread on Android Devices

With many organizations heavily relying on mobile computing, malicious operators have begun targeting the “low-lying fruit” of a business’ IT infrastructure, which is often a company’s mobile devices. Kemoge, a malicious adware strain designed to corrupt Android mobile operating systems, is the latest mobile threat that your business needs to protect itself against. Was this […]

Computer Tech Security | Quikteks

Per New Report Citing Spike in Ransomware Attacks, New Jersey Computer Tech Support Leader Quikteks Urges Small Businesses to Strengthen Cyber Security

FAIRFIELD, NEW JERSEY (PRWEB) OCTOBER 07, 2015 In light of a new report by Panda Security in which the world’s leading provider of cloud-based security solutions cites a dramatic increase in ransomware in the second quarter of 2015, New Jersey computer tech support leader Quikteks is urging small businesses to be proactive and strengthen their […]

Windows 10 | Quikteks

Windows 10 Is Here – Everything Your Business Needs to Know

Microsoft’s latest PC operating system arrived with fanfare yesterday, and has received overwhelmingly positive reviews so far, but is it ready for your business? Let’s take it for a spin and find out. Was this Helpful? YesNo

How Managed IT Services Improve Your Company’s Customer Service | Quikteks, LLC

How Managed IT Services Improve Your Company’s Customer Service

One common characteristic about small-to-medium sized businesses is that they’re often stretched thin. When your company is pulled every which way, certain aspects of it begin to suffer. One area that should never suffer is customer service. Managed IT service can make things easier on your staff so they can focus on what’s important, like […]

Lenovo Superfish | Quikteks, LLC

How to Remove the Harmful Superfish App Off Your PC

  When you purchase a new computer it comes with pre installed software. You assume that your new PC is secure and has been properly vetted by the manufacturer. This is the case 99 percent of the time. Unfortunately, an exception has recently been discovered with the Superfish app. This app came installed on new […]

Critical Alert: Windows Server 2003 Ends Support on July 14 2015

In 2014, Microsoft pulled the plug on Windows XP’s support. Now, in 2015, Windows Server 2003 is scheduled to meet the same fate. If your business is still using Windows Server 2003 as your operating system, it’s important to upgrade before July 14th, which is the day that support for this product ends. If you […]

Remember to renew License | Quikteks, LLC

Don’t Forget to Renew Your Software Licenses

You have a system in place to remind yourself of when to pay your bills. If you forgot to pay bills, services would be cut off and your credit rating would plummet. Do you have a reminder system in place to renew your software licenses on time? Notifications? Most people depend on notifications from the […]

Newsflash! Electronic Signatures Deemed Legal …146 Years Ago!

What’s so special about a physical signature created with pen and paper? If it’s an autograph from your favorite celebrity, then you’ve got something special. Other than that, there’s no reason why an electronic signature can’t get the job done in today’s hi-tech business world. It’s 2015, and the outdated need for physical signatures appears […]


Alert: Cryptowall 2.0 Ransomware is Causing Major Problems

The latest cyber threats will put your business plan and your company at risk. It has become imperative to protect yourself from them. This new threat designated Cryptowall 2.0, has the potential to do plenty of serious damage to your business’s network. Do not give it the opportunity. Was this Helpful? YesNo

Virus Shield

Don’t Ever Disable Your Antivirus Software!

Even if you’re only a little bit tech-smart you’ll know that antivirus software is absolutely essential to protect against online threats. And yet viruses and other bugs that can completely cripple your system sometimes get through. If your antivirus software has been disabled, even for a short while, you could be next. Don’t let this […]


Alert: Heartbleed Bug Threatens Popular Websites!

On April 7th, a new bug was discovered on the internet that’s putting millions of users’ personal data at risk. Given the name “Heartbleed bug,” it’s capable of allowing hackers to collect information while you believe you are securely browsing a SSL/TLS website. Since SSL/TLS is so widely used, it’s very probable that your personal […]


Well Over 25% of World’s PCs Still Run Windows XP!

The entire business world has been made aware that Microsoft is ending support for its popular operating system Windows XP on April 8.The problem that arises on this date is that 29% of the world’s computers are still running Windows XP. It seems that the world has been slow to act upon Microsoft’s expiration date. […]


The Shaky Future of the PC

The rapid growth of the mobile device market has cast doubt about the future of the PC market. Will the PC evolve or will it become obsolete technology? How does the uncertain future of the PC impact your business? It’s in the DesignLet’s dispel this rumor right off the bat; we don’t believe the PC […]


Virus Alert: New IT Security Threat

In September, a new kind ransomware burst onto  the It security scene and it has been wreaking havoc on computer networks all over the world ever since. The virus has been named CryptoLocker, it’s capable of completely taking over your system, encrypting your files, and holds your data ransom until you pay them the money […]


Windows XP Support is Coming to an End

If your business still has computers running Windows XP, then it’s absolutely critical that you upgrade to a newer OS. Windows XP systems may be working just fine, and therefore, you may not feel the need to upgrade, but you will feel the heat next year when Microsoft ends critial software support for XP.   […]


New Ransomeware You Need to Be Aware Of

On September 10th, 2013, a new ransomware known as Trojan:Win32/Crilock.A began attacking computers all over the Internet, locking users out of their PCs and putting company’s sensitive data at risk. If your computer gets infected, then it could mean real problems for you and your company’s computer users. Here are the details on what this […]


What’s New in Firefox 13

For those who use Mozilla Firefox as our web browser of choice, you may have noticed that there have been a large number of updates over the past year, leaping from version 4 to the now current Firefox 13. Mozilla has been following an aggressive roadmap to improve performance and features. Mozilla’s rapid release plan […]