Office Ergonomics – Standing Desks

4 Tips To Properly Stand At Your Desk

Standing at your desk has many benefits from increased circulation to improved posture. But standing too much has it’s own negative effects.

1. Take Sitting Breaks

Give your feet a break every 10-15 minutes for every hour you stand.

2. Stretch Periodically

If you’re standing for a prolonged period of time, your body will naturally adjust and move about. It will only do you good to do a variety of in-place stretching exercises. Touch your toes, perform a “Downward Dog” yoga position, or do some light-hearted butt-kicks.

3. Purchase An Anti-Fatigue Foot Mat

These foot mats provide comfort for your feet if you intend to stand for a prolonged period of time. Studies have shown that people who use these mats report less discomfort and tiredness.

4. Adjust your Keyboard and Mouse Elevation

If you need to reach down to access your keyboard or mouse, you’re missing the point of a standing desk. Your keyboard and mouse should be elevated to the same level as your forearms and wrist.

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