Office Ergonomics – Desks

Surface Areas

Minimal or limited desk surface area may cause users to set workstation equipment in unpreferred positions. This awkward placement may lead to uncomfortable postures such as reaching for a mouse or turning your neck to view a monitor placed to the side.

Enough desk work space should allow you to:

  • • View the monitor at a distance of 20-40 inches.
  • • Position the monitor directly in front of you.

Note: A corner desk usually provides additional desk space than the sides of a rectangular desk and would be able to accommodate multiple components such as dual monitors.

Contact Stress

Some desks have hard angled edges that may cause contact stress when a user’s wrist rests on it. This can affect the nerves and blood vessels, causing wrist injury.


  • • To minimize contact stress, consider using wrist rests, gel pads, or other inexpensive material.

Areas Under Desk

Too much clutter under the desk may lead to awkward sitting positions and/or discomfort.


  • • Clear enough room under your desk for your legs and feet.
  • • Limit the number of storage boxes and other miscellaneous items that are stored under your desk.
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Office Ergonomics

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