Message From The CEO

Dear Reader,

Happy Holidays! Wow, 2018 has come and gone so fast, I still remember the 7% sales tax rate like it was yesterday!

This past year brought great connections and relationships that helped us get us to where we are now. We’ve seen many great changes this year, from expanding our office by nearly double to hiring more technicians. I’m incredibly proud of my team and all their hard work day-in and day-out serving our wonderful clients.

This next year, I urge every working woman and man to #BeMindful of the way they interact and use technology. While there is good technology out there that provide strong lines of security defense, it is ultimately your responsibility to maintain a basic level of awareness when it comes to how you use these incredible machines.

For example, please be mindful that free Wi-Fi at your local coffee shop means it’s insecure and relatively easy to hack. Also, be mindful of each link that you click or open, as a wrong slip could cause more headaches than you had never intended. Be mindful of the websites you visit and what information they could be collecting from you. And most importantly, be mindful of how and where you share your sensitive information.

If you have any questions about safe security practices with your technology, please do not hesitate to reach out.

From all of us at Quikteks Tech Support, may you have a Happy Holiday Season and a Safe New Year!

Andrew Rich
CEO, Quikteks Tech Support