It Affects All of Us

E-Waste is a Global Concern

E-Waste, or Electronic Waste, is not only one of the largest streams of landfill trash, but is also becoming increasingly complex. Since technology advances at such a high rate, electronic devices are being thrown out faster than ever before. Eventually, poisonous chemicals stored in the hardware seep into our soil and water, exposing our communities to toxic chemicals.

This is why it is up to every one of us to properly recycle unused or discarded technologies at authorized recycling centers. View New Jersey authorized e-waste recycling centers here.

E-Waste Becomes Major Issue | Quikteks, LLC

What Can I Recycle Here In New Jersey?

In accordance with New Jersey’s Electronics Waste Management Act, the following items are covered under the electronics recycling program.

What’s Covered What’s Not Covered
  • • Computers
  • • Laptops
  • • Monitors
  • • Televisions
  • • Tablets
  • • Mobile Phones
  • • Desktop Printers*
  • • Fax Machines*
  • • Keyboards
  • • Mice
  • • Speakers
  • • Audio Equipment
  • • Wires
  • • Accessories
  • • Scanners
  • • Appliances

* Added to the list in 2018

Covered items can be placed in your municipal recycling bins. Non-covered items may be recycled at other recycling centers, but please call them in advance to confirm. View a list of approved e-waste collection sites in New Jersey here.

Please remember to remove all batteries prior to placing them in the garbage for disposal.

Helpful Links
E-Waste Frequently Asked Quetsions

E-Waste Becomes Major Issue | Quikteks, LLC

Who Can Recycle E-Waste?

New Jersey consumers and small businesses with fewer than 50 full-time employees, can recycle for free at approved manufacturers collection sites.

Where Can I Recycle My E-Waste?

View a list of e-waste collection sites in New Jersey here.

Harmful Effects of Unrecycled E-Waste

Discarded technologies contain high amounts of poisonous chemicals that get absorbed into the soil and water under our local landfills. As these chemicals enter our water and food supply, we end up poisoning ourselves. Learn more.

What can I do?

Recycle! View a list of approved e-waste collection sites in New Jersey here.