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More Than 70 Percent of PCs Run Windows 10

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More Than 70 Percent of PCs Run Windows 10

Back in July 2015 there was a big event in the computing world: the debut of Microsoft’s Windows 10. Since then, and even through the tumultuous times of 2020, its market share has steadily risen. In October this OS reached a market share of 72.2%. Why should this be of interest to you? Let’s run through why it matters and why your organization should be adding to that number.

What the Data Says

Windows 10 has officially surpassed its market share record for all Windows-specific laptops and desktops, according to Net Applications. The Windows 10 OS finally reached 70% of all Windows-based devices, with that figure rising to a massive 88% for laptops and desktops. Why? It’s partly because Microsoft solutions and hardware are the preferred option for most businesses.

In a single year Windows posted a 20% increase, with its market share increasing by 10.7 percentage points. Windows 7 hasn’t gone away though. It’s still there, with a market share of 20.4% of all computers and 23% of Windows-specific machines, but that share has gone down to 31%.

The Significance of the Trend

The future is clear: Windows 10 is and, for the foreseeable future will remain, the best operating system available from Microsoft, especially when it comes to security. Windows 7 and other outdated operating systems that are no longer supported become more and more vulnerable to cyberattacks. And that’s the number one reason why you should upgrade the OS on your computer to Windows 10 as soon as possible.

Can’t I continue With Windows 7?

You can – it still has a 23% market share but support for Windows 7 ended in January 2020, which means that it is isn’t safe from cyberattacks. If you decide to continue using it you are simply gambling, and the stakes can be very high. The more computers that move away from Windows 7 and upgrade to Windows 10 the better. It’s not just an individual benefit either. An insecure system can spread threats to others, so upgrading to Windows 10 is good for everybody’s cybersecurity.

Are you still running your business using Windows 7 (or anything older than Windows 10)? If so, your OS is not supported and no longer fit for purpose. As a security priority, you really should do something about it – and fast. Quikteks can help. Call us on (973) 882-4644 for a review of your systems and advice with an upgrade path.

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