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Is Your IT Company Isn’t Ripping You Off

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Is Your IT Company Isn’t Ripping You Off


Modern businesses are dependent on their IT technology and keeping it running smoothly should be their top priority. When a server crashes it can result in a loss of employee productivity and worse the loss of business. Compounding this situation is the amount of money that you will have to spend to get your business back on line. At a desperate time like this is your IT company taking advantage of your situation to hit you with heavy repair costs? 

Big Repair Bills Add Insult to Injury.
Doing IT the old fashioned break-fix way is a never ending cycle of being taken advantage of by an unscrupulous IT provider that is more than willing to take advantage of your technological woes. When you are stuck in this loop all you have to look forward to are large repair bills. This is a painful way to do business because the break-fix repair company essentially profits from your misery. Because the break-fix model depends on your technology failing in order to make money, there’s little motivation with traditional IT companies to go the extra mile to prevent equipment failure. It’s almost as if a break-fix IT company hopes that your workstations get hit with a virus or that your company experiences a server crash.

This model of business makes it difficult to determine if a break-fix computer repair company is ripping you off. It would be very easy for them to do a shoddy repair job on your computer with the knowledge that it will break down again. This forces you to call them up and incur another large repair bill. At the end of the day, a computer break-fix company needs to pay their bills, and you are a means to that end.

One of the problems with the break-fix business model is that it does not generate a positive and helpful relationship between your company and the IT provider. If the only time you talk with your break-fix company is when something goes wrong, then it’s likely that you’re being ripped off. If this describes your relationship (or lack thereof) with your current IT service provider, then it’s time that you escape from the break-fix cycle and turn over your IT service to a new company, one that you can feel confident about.

Managed IT Service from Quikteks: A Better Model for You!
You can feel confident about outsourcing your IT service to Quikteks. We always have your best interest in mind. We do not charge you for every repair job; our successful business model revolves around keeping your technology functioning properly. This is the essence of managed IT service. By charging a regular flat rate on a monthly basis Quikteks will diligently manage your IT technology while providing you with cost certainty.

Managed IT is a consistent, all-you-can-eat approach to technology that you can budget for. By eliminating big pay as you go repair bills your company can use its financial resources to expand and improve its competitive position. When your business grows you will need new workstations and servers. Therefore, when you grow, we grow. This creates a synergistic relationship that benefits everyone. We will routinely evaluate your company’s IT needs and work closely with you on how to meet them. This approach to managed service provides the solutions you need to come out on top.

We are invested in your success and will go the extra mile to maintain your equipment and keep your company running smoothly. It is our goal to insure that your company never experiences IT related problems that could lead to downtime and loss of revenue. Managed IT service allows us to monitor and maintain your system and handle your IT problems remotely. We are able to catch problems and fix them before they become a threat to your business.

Our approach to managed IT functions is more like a partnership, and partners are people that can be trusted. This is how you can be sure that Quikteks is not ripping you off. To outsource your IT with Quikteks and gain a trusted partner that wants to see your business grow, give us a call at 973-882-4644.

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