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What Is Green Technology And How can It Help My Business?

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What Is Green Technology And How can It Help My Business?

Today’s businessclimate  is environmentally conscious. Companies that implement green policies and use energy-saving technologies are making a positive impact on the environment and the world. Going green is the responsible thing to do can also positively impact your business. Here are three ways using green technology can impact your business in both the short and long term:


Improve Your Green Credentials
Going green is a great marketing strategy. Many customers in the marketplace are passionate about the environment, and when these customers are shopping for products or services, and they see a blog article or a page on your website touting your green accomplishments, you will connect with them on a personal level. They will then more passionate about buying form you, even if you aren’t the least expensive. The same concept applies organic groceries; they cost more money, yet there are health-conscious consumers that love filling their reusable shopping bags with anything labeled “organic”.

Plan Your Environmental Strategy
Installing green technology approved devices on your network is a huge part of your company’s overall environmental strategy. While buying Energy Star equipment won’t automatically make you a green company, implementing a green technology plan does go a long way in becoming greener because many your infrastructure consumes more power than you think. When trying to plan a comprehensive green strategy for your company, overhauling your network with Energy Star rated equipment is a great launching platform.

Green Savings
One of the best benefits of adding green technology to your network is saving money. You may not feel the savings immediately when you purchase new hardware, but the return on your green investment will be seen in the medium-to-long term. For example, installing a print server will save you ink, a fax server will save paper, and virtualizing your single server units onto a larger VM host will dramatically reduce your electricity bill. Your operating expenses will lessen with every environmentally-friendly solution running on your network.

If you would like assistance in going green, then give Quikteks a call at PHONENUMBER and we will perform a network assessment and guide you in your journey to greenland (not the country). We can introduce you to new green technologies, install them on your network, train your staff on how to use them, and maintain your new green NAS devices with our environmentally-friendly managed IT services. Do the Earth a favor and call Quikteks today!


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