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Android Makes it Easy to Block Telemarketers

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Android Makes it Easy to Block Telemarketers

Junk Calls

Everyone gets unwanted calls on their smartphone. Telemarketers are a part of life. You can contact your provider, but some more recent models of Android smartphones can blacklist phone numbers built right into the device.

Unless your Android device is really old, there are several different ways to block a number. Since it’s a really common Android smartphone, let’s take a walk through the process for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Here are three ways to block calls.

Block All Incoming Calls

First, you’ll want to open the Phone application. Next, tap the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of the screen. Select Settings and choose Call. Select the Call Rejection option. (The order of these steps could vary depending on which version of Android you’re using, but these are the terms to look for.)
You’ll see the option for rejecting incoming calls. If you select Auto reject mode, you’ll be taken to a whole other menu with even more options. Auto reject mode is the default, but you can turn this setting off if you want to.

If you select All incoming calls, it will block all calls from connecting to your phone. This is a pretty neat feature if you need to shut out the world, but there are other ways to block specific numbers.

Block Specific Numbers

Sweet revenge! The numbers that your phone blocks are pulled from the Auto reject list. You can find this list right beneath Auto reject mode. Select the plus sign (+) in the top-right corner to add numbers. Adding numbers to the auto-reject list acts as an email spam filter.

To add numbers from your Recent Calls to the auto reject list, select the number, then tap the three-dot menu. Select the option to Add to Auto reject list, and you’re all set.

Blocked-Call Messages

If you’ve blocked someone’s number, you can set up your Auto Reject list so that it will also deliver a special text message. Whether you’re at the movies, eating dinner, or are simply too busy to answer your phone, a Rejection Message can be an effective way of saying, “I’m busy, but I’ll get back to you.” To create messages or view currently available messages, select Rejection Messages, right underneath the Auto reject list.

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