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Ask the Experts

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What are the best ways to backup my computer?

Lori B.

First, the fact that you are even considering backing up your computer is a great decision. With so much valuable data (business or personal), it is important you have a strong and confident handle on your data.

There are several ways to backup your computer. Depending on the size and complexity of what you want to back up will determine the best backup method. Such examples of backups are USB thumbdrives, larger external physical drives, servers, and cloud backups. Larger or more complex infrastructures often utilize some type of automated cloud backup solution.

Different companies will have different backup needs. Give us a call today to learn what type of backup solution is best for you.

What happens if my IT goes down?

Tommy L.

Great question, we get this asked a lot. Unfortunately there are many potential threats beyond cyber world that could otherwise damage business technology. The short answer is it depends how prepared you are at handling downtime. If you have a proper backup solution in place or are partnered with a good Managed Service Provider, you should be able to restore and return online relatively quickly. On the other hand, if are not in the habit of backing up your data, or have disaster recovery plan in place, then the cards may not be in your favor.

Play it safe and establish a Disaster Recovery Plan. We can help develop a customized plan that works for you.