Day 7

Ransomware attacks have been making the headlines in recent months, causing concern for hundreds of thousands of businesses that may fall victim to a malware attack. Unfortunately, countless small and medium-sized businesses operate with unsecured or unmonitored technology, leaving them vulnerable should they experience malware in their network. That is why we are launching our 7 Day Malware Prevention Challenge, a one week challenge to better secure, clean, and shield your computer. Prevent malware hacks, backup your data, strengthen your computer, and minimize your chances of getting hacked. Learn more.

Each day may take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.

Day 7: Employee Education

How to Educate Employees on Technology

Training employees on embracing new technology can be a challenge. Employees may already have a method in place, and new changes may be a bit overwhelming.

Nevertheless, as technology continues to improve, so must the education behind it. Proper utilization of your business technology will increase not just productivity, but also profitability.

What To Do

Share with them this page or have them begin here.


Our website has a wealth of information on a variety of technological topics, ranging from specific how-to’s to security to best practices. Click on the topics below to learn more.

Phishing Emails: What Are They and How To Spot Them
The Importance of Password Management

Best Practices
Data Backup

7 Day Malware Prevention Challenge Complete

Congratulations! You have completed our 7 Day Malware Prevention Challenge. Your computer or network should now be secured, updated, and backed up. Now it’s time to spread the knowledge with your employees or co-workers. Simply share this challenge with those in your network.

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