Day 5

Ransomware attacks have been making the headlines in recent months, causing concern for hundreds of thousands of businesses that may fall victim to a malware attack. Unfortunately, countless small and medium-sized businesses operate with unsecured or unmonitored technology, leaving them vulnerable should they experience malware in their network. That is why we are launching our 7 Day Malware Prevention Challenge, a one week challenge to better secure, clean, and shield your computer. Prevent malware hacks, backup your data, strengthen your computer, and minimize your chances of getting hacked. Learn more.

Each day may take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.

Day 5: Organize Your Files

Organize Your Files

One issue we see often is how cluttered a computer is with sensitive and important documents saved on the desktop or in the ‘Downloads’ folder. While it’s convenient in the short term to leave your saved file in the default download folder, you will quickly accumulate files, causing longer navigation times and more clutter.

The best way to organize your files may be different for each user and his or her goals. For example, a college student may have folders for different topics than those of the small business owner. Therefore, we’ve gathered a list of methods for organizing your saved documents.

3 Methods To Organize Your Files

1. By Work/Education Folders

Create new folders by departments or class.

Examples for Business Owners:
Folder 1 = Accounting
Folder 2 = Legal
Folder 3 = HR

Examples for Students:
Folder 1 = English 101
Folder 2 = Biology 204
Folder 3 = Computer Science 400

Once these folders are created, drag and drop files into their respective folders. This should decrease some of the clutter and make it faster for you to navigate.

2. By Year

This option would be convenient if you don’t want to go through each file and determine in which folder it belongs.


Once these folders are created, simply sort by date and drag and drop the files into their respective years. This should decrease some of the clutter and make it faster for you to navigate.

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