Day 1

Ransomware attacks have been making the headlines in recent months, causing concern for hundreds of thousands of businesses that may fall victim to a malware attack. Unfortunately, countless small and medium-sized businesses operate with unsecured or unmonitored technology, leaving them vulnerable should they experience malware in their network. That is why we are launching our 7 Day Malware Prevention Challenge, a one week challenge to better secure, clean, and shield your computer. Prevent malware hacks, backup your data, strengthen your computer, and minimize your chances of getting hacked. Learn more.

Each day may take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.

Day 1: Password Complexity

How To Memorize Complex Passwords

Most of us likely use the same password for multiple online accounts, if not all. While this approach may be convenient, it does put all your eggs in one basket. If one of your online accounts gets hacked, the hacker could attempt to log in to your other accounts using the same login credentials. You do not want to be in this situation!

Therefore, it’s good practice to not only update your passwords periodically, but also reach a certain of complexity. Unfortunately, our brains are not capable of memorizing complex passwords. Most of us, at least.

An Easy Way To Memorize Your Next Complex Password

Here are a few ways create your own complex password that is easy to remember.

1. Simple Math

Craft your password reflecting a simple math equation.


2. Platform Name + 4 Digit Prefix or Suffix

This option would be convenient for the user with many online accounts. Include the company name followed by a 4-digit suffix.

In this example, the user’s 4-digit suffix is 5866.


3. Dates of Big Events

Wedding dates, first dates, a sports teams championship, etc are great complex passwords that are easy to remember.


It’s that easy! Go ahead and update your passwords to something complex but simple enough for you to remember.

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