It’s nice to get a shiny new computer that’s fast, powerful, and has all the latest features. Before you install your new machine, you have to make a decision about what to do with your old one. Your old computer has been a faithful friend over the years so you may feel bad pitching it to the curb; instead, consider giving it a new home.

Donate it to Charity

If your old PC is still in good working order, then you may be able to bless someone who really needs a computer by donating it to a charitable organization. Plus, you should be able to write off the donation on your taxes, which will help your bottom line. You will also be able to get some nice PR out of your gift. Be sure to mention the donation in your company newsletter and post it on your company’s social media account.

A charity will be able to give the machine to someone in New Jersey that needs it, or perhaps use it in their own office. Nonprofit groups are dependent upon the donations of others to keep operations going, and many groups would prefer to spend their funds on achieving their mission of goodwill. Therefore, spending money on technology may not be as high of a priority for a charity group as it is for a business like yours trying to maximize profits by utilizing the latest technology. A computer that’s old to you may be leaps and bounds ahead of what a charity may be using.

Use it for Your Business
Maybe your old computer is no longer able to meet the demands of your position, but that doesn’t mean it’s totally useless for your business. There are likely several other positions in your company that aren’t as high demanding as your own job and would benefit greatly from having your old computer. For example, maybe the receptionist just needs a reliable PC for word processing, web browsing, and accessing a few company specific applications. If your old computer is still in good working order, then another employee may find it useful, and this move will save your company money from having to purchase a new workstation.

If your old computer doesn’t have enough resources to run your business’ essential applications, or if everyone in your company already has a reliable workstation, then you can still use your old PC for your business by retrofitting it as an NAS device for your company’s network. With a bit of configuration, your old computer can be used as a print server to handle all print traffic, or you can use the old machine to host applications. There are several more ways that your old PC can be used to benefit your network by converting it to an NAS device. To learn more about these other uses, and to have Quikteks do the work of converting and configuring your old PC, then give us a call at (973) 882-4644.

Prepare Your Old Machine before Handing it Off
Before you give your PC to a new owner, be sure to prepare it by wiping your information from the hard drive and giving the machine a few upgrades. The last thing you want is to have your identity stolen or your accounts hacked because there was still sensitive information on your donated PC.

It’s also a good move to install a new hard drive in your old computer before donating it. Disk drives have an average life cycle of five years, so if you gave a five-year-old machine to someone with the original hard drive in it, then you may be giving them a lemon. Installing a new hard drive is a great way to guarantee that none of your old information can be accessed by the new user, and you can get a new hard drive for less than $100.

Quikteks can help prepare your old computer for a new owner, or we can convert it to an NAS device. We can even recommend a good charitable organization that will be able to find a new home for your old friend. Before tossing out a perfectly good piece of technology, be sure to give us a call at (973) 882-4644 to learn about more ways that your old PC can be reused or properly recycled. Remember, a megabyte is a terrible thing to waste!

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