IT’s a Lot to Keep Track Of

How much are your organization’s technology solutions worth? How much does it save you, how much does it bring in, and how much does it cost you in the long term? Is your network optimized? Are all the moving parts of your IT infrastructure running smoothly? It’s a lot to keep track of.

Managed IT Might Be the Solution

Small businesses often try to avoid IT maintenance, since most can’t budget for in-house IT. Of course, when technology isn’t maintained, stuff happens, putting your infrastructure’s longevity at stake. And of course, your business grinds to a halt while the techs sort it all out. It’s called the break-fix IT model.

Break-Fix IT vs. Managed IT

One huge difference between these two models is that managed IT prevents downtime from breaking your budget. If your technology isn’t working, it’s costing you money. It’s costing you in repairs, in downtime, and in customer relations.

Preventive Care

Managed IT prevents downtime by carefully monitoring infrastructures for potential tech failures, helping businesses to avoid issues in the first place. Since most managed IT providers charge a reasonable monthly flat rate, it’s much easier to fit into a budget.

Let Quikteks Take Care of IT

Finally, ask yourself if peace of mind is worth that small monthly payment. We think you’ll agree that managed IT could be the way to go for your technology.

Quikteks Tech Support has certified technicians who can keep your technology optimized, leaving you to run your business. To learn more, reach out to us at (973) 882-4644.

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