If your business routinely transmits sensitive information over the Internet, you should be thinking about how you handle mobile data. Now that we all use the Internet to drive sales and marketing processes, we need to consider the threats that come with it. Let’s go over Mobile Information Management solutions, and why your business might need one.

What is Mobile Information Management?

Mobile Information Management (MIM) is a security strategy that keeps sensitive data encrypted for any mobile platforms by only allowing approved applications. Since it has generally been considered an enterprise-level solution, smaller businesses may need to use a scaled-down version.

A MIM expands your organization’s security for mobile. Since we use mobile devices more than ever for business, we need to have a strategy in place to standardize access to data. This is extremely helpful in protecting sensitive information.

Mobile Information Management should be a part of a larger mobile security policy. Working with your mobile device and dedicated mobile application management policies, MIM adds an additional layer of security to protect your endpoints and sensitive data.

Some Useful Mobile Security Tips

To control information that is transmitted over mobile platforms you need to:

  • Backup regularly – Increasingly, mobile data is targeted by hackers. Keeping data backed up protects you in the event of a data breach.
  • Use mobile device management – Mobile device management handles the administration of data on mobile devices. Use your MDM to control access, manage data and applications, and monitor your staff’s mobile interactions with your company.
  • Restrict access – You need to have very specific use-case restrictions on your data. Controlling who can access what through which applications reduces the risk of a data breach exponentially.
  • Audit your mobile security – You need to ensure that all security tools are running and working as intended.

Mobile data can be very valuable, but the risk attached to it can be a real problem. Call our IT consultants today at (973) 882-4644. We can help you secure your mobile data systems.

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