In order to sustain that crucial incoming revenue stream, a business needs to be able to operate efficiently. In this week’s tip, we’ll review a few ways to build efficiency in your operations.

Your business’ operational efficiency is largely in the control of your employees. With the right tools and motivation, here are a few ways you can encourage them to work more efficiently to the benefit of the organization:


It only makes sense that allowing a machine to complete a task independently would be more efficient, as it enables you to multitask. Any time spent setting up automated processes is quickly reclaimed. Automate your billing, procurement, business management, or just about any other task. You’ll be glad you did.

Communication = Efficiency

The link between efficiency and communication is clear. The more effectively your staff can communicate amongst themselves, the more they can produce. Encourage good communication among your workforce. For example, face-to-face communication is important if miscommunication by digital means is a concern. Developing better communication habits will boost both quality and speed.

Smarter Meetings, Not More Meetings

Many people hear the term “communications” and mentally jump to “meetings.” We all know that meetings can be time wasters if handled improperly. However, with brief, communicative meetings held at the beginning of the day, many meetings that would otherwise later interrupt workflow can be eliminated. With improved communications, your workforce can meet smarter, not more.

Listen to Your Workforce

Communication can also assist you in rooting out the operational inefficiencies that productivity. Encourage your employees to bring up any inefficiencies they experience. This kind of bottom-up management leverages the expertise of the people who are actually doing the ground floor work and see what small problems could be impacting productivity.

Limit Interruptions as Possible

Finally, how often have you found that your communications have actually gotten in the way of your productivity? Are you ever interrupted by an irrelevant alert from your phone?

Consider requiring apps that limit notifications as a part of your company’s Bring Your Own Device strategy, or even distributing work devices to your employees if your budget allows for it. The fewer interruptions to the workday, the more productive focus.

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