For any small business, IT support is invaluable. However, approaching which services you need will depend on your specific business operations. By simply hiring staff or a managed service provider without due diligence could be catastrophic for your business.

The Financial Impact of Hiring a Full-Time Staff

The average annual salary range for an in-house IT is between $50,000 and $80,000. Professionals with a specialization such as a network or a database administrator earn more. If you hire a team of five technicians, you might be facing expensive results.

Hiring a team of IT professionals can burn a hole in your wallet pretty quickly. Add to that the requirements for group-rate health benefits and worker’s comp premiums, and the full impact can reach over $1,000,000 each year. For some companies, this simply isn’t plausible.

You may face a more detrimental impact if you hire IT staff to manage a broader spectrum of services. While this may seem idyllic for business practices, the practicality of it all depends heavily on your financial constraints. Unless your business generates profits of upwards of $5,000,000 or more, extra staff isn’t feasible.

Why Should Businesses Outsource Their IT?

Many companies outsource their IT instead of having an in-house team. Instead of hefty overhead expenses related to salary and benefits, you pay a flat-rate fee for exactly what you need. Additionally, the managed IT service provider has a trained staff that can tackle any IT project for your small business. These outsourcing opportunities reduce the full financial impact of acquiring necessary services.

What Outsourced Support Choices are Available?

There are two options for outsourced IT support:

An independent IT contractor offers tech support on a case-to-case basis. This option is ideal for simple fixes that aren’t pressing. Contact them directly, and they’ll visit your company to repair the issue.

A managed service provider, or MSP, offers 24-hour support through remote access. A managed service provider manages these requirements through support ticket submissions. You and your employees submit tickets explaining the problems, and the support staff addresses the issues based on when the tickets come in. The major benefits of the service are that you have access to support at all times, and you’ll be able to avoid unwanted delays.

Disaster Recovery and Backup Plans

These firms mitigate risks for your company including the creation of a disaster recovery and backup plan. They assign a support specialist for the installation and management of these implementations. Common implementations provided are wireless telephony systems and off-site network hosting choices.

Who Provides Outsourced IT Support?

Quikteks provides outsourced IT support. We offer support for all workstations and network requirements. We assign support specialists to manage your company’s requirements. Our services are provided on an as-needed or per project basis. Get tech support.

Streamline Your IT Support Needs

To achieve your objective of acquiring the right services, begin with a full assessment of how you utilize technology within your company. Next, identify the exact results you want for your company. Determine how often you need support for your network, workstations, and servers. Identify how often you complete large-scale projects that require a team of IT professionals beyond your staff.

Evaluate how well your on-site administrator manages your network and how often you need remote support. Identify how often you’ll need to set up new email and user accounts for workers. The findings of these assessments define your exact IT requirements for your company. You’ll acquire outsourced services if these requirements overburden your on-site staff.

Acquire only the services you need right now. As your company expands, these needs will change and will be modified. Get your free IT assessment.

Why You Should Secure IT Vendor Resources

More modest business owners should maintain a contract with vendor resources. These connections are invaluable and prevent major downtime. You should continue to pay the required fees to maintain this relationship and access vital services. The financial loss you prevent by maintaining the contract is worth the fees for multiple tier support services.

Free Support Opportunities for Smaller Companies

If you face serious financial constraints, free support opportunities can also help you. Tech Support Guy and The Free Site provide you with immediate advice about the issues you are experiencing. You gain access to forums that offer a multitude of suggestions, tutorials, and tips for managing your technology.

Remote IT services keep your overhead costs low. The savings you generate provide more capital for further business development. For more advice about IT support services, give us a call at (973) 882-4644.

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