b2ap3_thumbnail_tabcomp400.jpgThe rapid growth of the mobile device market has cast doubt about the future of the PC market. Will the PC evolve or will it become obsolete technology? How does the uncertain future of the PC impact your business?

It’s in the Design
Let’s dispel this rumor right off the bat; we don’t believe the PC is going anywhere, because of what it’s designed to do. Simply put, PCs are designed to handle the pressing needs of businesses, large and small. Whether it’s word processing, storing lots of data, communicating through various networks, or simply surfing the web, the PC can handle the needs of business operations. Over thirty years of refinements, evolution, development of hardware and software, the PC is still the go-to machine for businesses that need to produce high volumes of work. At Quikteks, we wholeheartedly expect it to stay that way.

PCs are designed for efficiency and simplicity of use. Since smartphones and tablets are still relatively new to the technology market, there hasn’t been any standardization to their operating systems, and considering the diversity of the platforms, there may never be. This lack of standardization presents a huge learning curve to employees who need to maximize efficiency at work. Conversely, the PC has become a standard machine that nearly everyone knows how to use. Even if a user is being introduced to new software or hardware, it’s all intuitively standardized and previous experience will help accelerate the learning curve.

Different Devices with Different Functions
One clear-cut advantage that mobile technology has over PCs is the ease of worldwide connectivity. Mobile devices allow for social media sites and various accounts to be accessed instantly and easily by a maximum of two touches with your finger. Your company can certainly benefit from this level of connectivity. By allowing the use of mobile devices in your business operations, your employees will be able to access company files and business applications without having to be at their desk. Company mobile device policies have more positive outcomes that you can read about in our previous blog articles about “BYOD”.

The obvious short coming of working with mobile devices is their inability to handle large amounts of work with ease. For example, have you ever tried creating a newsletter on a smartphone?

When you look closely PCs and mobile devices they are not in competition with each other, they actually complement each other. The function of one seems to directly support the function of the other. Instead of asking the question, “How long will it take for mobile devices to replace PCs?” Perhaps our energy would be better spent discovering how they work together to provide a synergistic work experience. Quikteks can work with you to analyze your needs and help you determine what combination of devices will help you maximize your company’s productivity and profitability. Give us a call today at 973-882-4644 to learn how we can help integrate a BYOD work environment, and ensure that your mobile devices and PCs play nice with each other.


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