A New Danger

Imagine you are a cybercriminal. If you were going to launch a ransomware attack, who would you target? Would you try to snare as many as you could, or would you narrow your focus? Recently many cybercriminals have made the shift to smaller, more targeted ransomware attacks.


In the past, the traditional approach was to send out spam messages containing the ransomware virus. Cybercriminals assumed that if enough victims opened the attachment, a certain percentage would pay up.

Phishing Scams

Recently attackers are focusing more on specific target bases; certain industries, company sizes, and geographic locations. Sophisticated phishing scams have a higher success rate.

Bigger Targets

This year, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, higher education, and technology industries were targeted using variant strains of common ransomwares. These larger targets offer more endpoints for hackers to gain access to.

Big or small, you need to be prepared to protect against ransomware. In today’s IT landscape, businesses need to deploy managed software and hardware protection as well as commit to best practices like two-factor authentication and strong passwords. Give Quikteks a call at (973) 882-4644 for assistance with your cybersecurity needs.

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