Private cloud computing is on the rise, and for a good reason. In light of increasing security threats, organizations have to take data security even more seriously. Putting together a comprehensive private cloud system has its fair share of challenges, but if done properly, it can solve the data security problem.

Previously Prohibitive Costs

The cloud has been available to businesses for a long time, but wasn’t as widespread or well-known as it has become since Software as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service came along. The prohibitive factor was the cost, which decreased as the services became more popular. Of course, there is an inherent security risk when hosting data on someone else’s infrastructure, and this makes a cloud solution less appealing.

A Private Cloud Can Be Complicated

These risks lead businesses to consider a private cloud strategy. While it could be a valuable investment, it would certainly be more complicated to project both fixed and recurring costs. A private cloud requires that your organization be responsible for hardware costs, management, control, and more, so there is a lot more that could go wrong.

Before implementing a cloud solution, you need to scrutinize the details and consider the costs. You need to make sure that a private cloud is what your business needs.

The Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud platform would take some setup, but it would be well worth the implementation due to its ease of access. Essentially, you create a cloud system that is accessed through one single access portal, using public cloud resources for non-critical infrastructure or applications, and private cloud resources for more sensitive needs. Your private cloud and public cloud resources would be integrated seamlessly.

It Takes a Lot of Time

Moving your IT into a private cloud takes a mind-boggling amount of time. Dedicated virtual environments for your business’ assets are more feature-rich and robust than public cloud-based applications, and issues related to hardware and other on-premise technology eat up a lot of time and money. Your IT department would be responsible for configuring and migrating the data to the virtual machines, and addressing any maintenance or management issues.

We Can Do It All

This is where we come in. Quikteks can help your business implement a private or hybrid cloud model without an on-site IT department. Call (973) 882-4644 for a free consultation.

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