Many businesses can have a skewed view of outsourcing business services. Some business owners feel that they could be losing an element of control when outsourcing their technological infrastructure. However, outsourcing often means that companies can protect their bottom line and provide products or services at more aggressive prices to consumers. More frequently, companies have outsourced their IT departments because of the perks that come along with making that decision.

Save Time and Money

When your small to medium business outsources IT to a Managed Service Provider, your company can focus on providing the products or services to customers, rather than managing and caring for computers and networking equipment.

With Quikteks Managed Services we will proactively maintain all of your IT equipment for a flat monthly fee.  Employees will have access to unlimited helpdesk resources as well as onsite technical support when required.  Employees should be focused on their jobs not dealing with frustrating IT issues.  At Quikteks, we effectively handle technical difficulties and can provide support to your staff members at the time they need it most.

It’s comforting to know that your IT partner will automatically update software, so purchasing and installing new programs can be done properly. Up to date software means that every employee has the latest version of an app, and no one is left in behind the technological curve.

Keep It Safe and Secure

One common issue that many small businesses fail to adequately tackle when setting up in-house IT solutions is network security. Is your network encrypted? What would happen if someone physically broke in to your office and stole a computer? Are you prepared if someone hacks into your system and spreads your client’s sensitive information around the Internet? Unfortunately, most small businesses don’t have a plan in place for when their data is stolen or lost.  Quikteks Managed Network Security programs elevates those concerns by securing your network and preventing data loss or theft.

Cloud based data retention offers the added benefit of offsite data backups, which means you’ll never lose important data again in the event of fire or a flood at your facility. Company data is the life blood of any business and with Quikteks Data Backup solutions we guarantee that your data will be safe and secure both locally and in the could in the event of a major disaster.

Flexibility is Key

Of course; your small business may not always be small. In time, it is likely that you’ll add more employees, facilities and you may even branch off around the world. In-house computer technologies require you to create new setups every time you move. Outsourcing your IT to Quikteks is the ideal solution when looking to scale up, with as little hassle as possible. When working with Quikteks you have access to over 20 technical minds rather than one singe employees.  Add space, bandwidth or memory as you need it, but you won’t need to hire more IT employees. As you grow we grow.  Quikteks partnerships last.

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