If you’re in business, you want your company to grow. Increasing your profits is great but you could also experience growing pains as your business expands, especially with your IT infrastructure. Is your network a mess of wires and hardware and software that’s been added to on an ad hoc basis? With network mapping from Quikteks you can cut through the clutter.

As you trip over cables and ethernet cords you might regret not having taken a more systematic approach to expansion. But now you have a choice. You can try to untangle it all yourself before it all drives you over the edge. Or you can decide to make an effort to go wireless. Call Quikteks for help from our professional IT technicians.

Mapping your business network can be quite a complicated matter, even if you’re tech-smart and enjoy working with computers. If you aren’t and don’t, then it makes sense to reach out for support, to save your sanity and ensure your network works optimally. Various network tools can be applied, for example to integrate network mapping and auto network discovery. To visualise the relationships between the devices on your network and the transport layers that make it work, there are techniques such as route analytics and SNMP (simple network management protocol) that will assist.

What network mapping does, apart from giving you a picture of how it’s all connected, is identify components that might be slowing down your network. It can also help discover how effectively your hardware is being used. This might reveal that you could virtualize your servers to reduce your spend on hardware and its running costs. We can advise you on hardware solutions tailored to your organization’s needs and matched to your IT budget – because if your business is expanding you don’t want your profits eaten up by operating costs.

Network mapping will be useful for establishing maximum efficiency for your IT infrastructure, but you still need to deal with some basics that can undo all the good work that’s been achieved by streamlining and overhauling your network. A virus can wreck it all, which is why we also strengthen security when we design networks for our customers. We do this with an optional procedure called pentesting (which is short for ‘penetration testing’). What it does is simulate a virus attack, so that we can find out which parts of your network are vulnerable and if there are gaps in your firewall. Once pentesting has identified any weaknesses in your network security we can plug the gaps so that your business growth won’t be disrupted.

To summarise: networking mapping is an important step in securing your network, making sure it’s properly equipped and utilized, and running efficiently. Your IT growing pains are now cured. The other thing you need to do is make sure you don’t find yourself back in the same situation as your business continues to grow. This is where our consulting service comes in. After mapping your system you’ll need an IT roadmap to prepare you for the future. We can use an IT roadmap to analyse your organization’s growth trajectory and make an accurate assessment of what you will need going forward in the next few years. That might include the acquisition of extra servers and workstations, as well as software licenses. We then help you to plan accordingly so that you can continue to enjoy growth without pain.

Growth spurts rarely occur without some pain. Computers will malfunction and you will require support. This is where network mapping comes in really useful, because when our technician visits, the terrain of your network is already clearly documented. In-depth knowledge of your network design makes it easier and quicker for our support staff to find out what’s wrong and fix it.

Of course you don’t have to call in a technician to your premises at all. With Quiktek’s remote monitoring and maintenance service we can do everything online. It used to be that you’d have to deal with problems after they’ve cropped up. With proactive monitoring we are able to identify and attend to IT issues before they cause disruption.

Growing a business isn’t easy and brings its own challenges and headaches. You can minimize the pain by being prepared for business growth. Don’t despair if your network seems chaotic and the challenges that an expanding business brings are stopping your from fully enjoying the rewards of all your hard work. Give Quikteks a call at (973) 882-4644 and we can evaluate your network, as well as provide a free security scan. With support from Quikteks you can devote your valuable time to your business and future growth.

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Discover the essential insights to safeguard your business from failure and gain invaluable knowledge, expert advice, and proven strategies that every business owner must know.