Computers have been designed to be easy and intuitive to use. Just about anybody can figure out how to open files and browse the Internet, but PCs are still complicated machines that require technical knowledge to fix and maintain. When it comes to the technical stuff, it’s better to leave it to the pros.

Your employees are bright people, this is why you hired them, but you hired them for the specific job that they do, not because they are good with computer maintenance. If you do not have arrangements in place to take care of the maintenances that come with computer ownership, then the responsibility will fall on the employees who use the computers. Unless your bright employees are technically trained, they might not perform these maintenances correctly–if they even get around to it at all!

The maintenance tasks that come with computer ownership are important and should not be blown off or done haphazardly. It is critical to stay on top of these maintenances because it usually involves a security upgrade or a fix to improve functionality. On top of being technical, they can also be repetitive and require daily attention. Here is a list of just some of the regular maintenances that needs to be performed on your PC.

  • Updating and running antivirus software.
  • Applying Windows security patches.
  • Apply Windows updates.
  • Renew expired software licenses.
  • Apply updates to each application.
  • Clearing cache and temporary files.
  • Monitor the status of the data backup solution.
  • Run disk defrag.

Nothing on this list is super complicated, but an employee that is not great with computers will struggle to perform all of these tasks correctly. Time is another issue. You are paying your staff to work on the projects that you hired them for, not keeping your software up-to-date. It is always good to minimize distractions so that your staff can get more of the work done that they specialize in; this is not the case if they are having to spend each morning running a virus scan. To make matters worse, an update done improperly will leave your network vulnerable to security breaches and costly downtime.

Quikteks can perform these repetitive maintenance tasks for you through automated tools and monitoring applications that report back to us any issues or missing updates. Through best practices and documented procedures, these routine tasks can be performed quickly and cost effectively without needing to take an employee away from their work. In fact, we purposely perform all of these maintenances overnight while everybody is away; this way, in case there are any updates require rebooting, or there are any scans that require resources that will slow down you network, it will be done while the office is empty.

The best part about this service is that when you and your staff come in to work the next morning, every workstation will be in tiptop shape and running smoothly. This will allow your staff to focus solely on their work and use computers that are running well. This means that you will get more done and see an increase in revenue! Call Quikteks at PHONENUMBER for more information on how our managed IT services can make technology work for you!

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