How long ago did you set up your wireless network? Are you overdue for an upgrade? We now have more devices with mobile functionality, more personal devices at work, and mushrooming wireless technology. Your old router might not be meeting the demands of your current mobile office.

How Much Bandwidth is Your Business Using Now?

If your speed is dragging, an outdated router may be the reason. When you set up your network, you probably only had computers logging on. Now we have smartphones, tablets, eBook readers, media players, printers, televisions, -even refrigerators and washing machines are on mobile tech now. This is not going to stop. Sooner or later, you’ll need a more powerful router.

Can You Get By With an 802.11g/b Router?

You can still do basic tasks, but you’ll see a large difference when streaming HD video or using VoIP communications. The newer devices and applications are going to create a greater demand for bandwidth.

The latest wireless routers use 802.11n technology, which is much faster than the 802.11g/b wireless routers you may have now, but the newest generation of Wi-Fi is 802.11ac.

What Speed Are You Getting From Your ISP?

You can now buy 5G routers, but before you go out and buy the fastest router on the market, check what speed you are getting from your ISP. If you are signed up for 25 Mbps, a faster router isn’t going to increase that. Many ISPs offer business packages with Internet speeds for faster routers.

Other Benefits of Updating Your Router

Besides speeds and bandwidth, here are some more reasons to get a new router for your business:

Greater Connectivity Distance: A new router broadcasts the wifi connection further and stronger. No more weak signal or rooms where your wifi doesn’t work.

Increased Security: Newer routers come with the latest security to protect your network from hackers.

Easy Setup: Newer routers tend to have very user-friendly setup wizards resembling a list of interview questions. Users with minimal computer knowledge can set up the router without technical help.

Price: Routers are getting less and less expensive. You can purchase a new 802.11n model that streams up to 150 Mbps for as low as $15. A heavier-duty router that can handle speeds up to 450 Mbps can be as little as $75. This is a really affordable way to seriously upgrade your wireless network.

Is this something you’d like to talk about? Upgrading to a new router is a simple way to boost your wireless network, but there are other ways to get more speed, like using a Unified Threat Management solution to block media streaming websites, or upgrading to a heavy-duty wireless router built for a business with hundreds of users.

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