Cybersecurity on the Road

Do you find yourself traveling for your business? For whatever reason, you probably spend some time on the road that could be spent on office tasks. Thanks to today’s technology, you can remain productive while mobile.

But don’t forget security. Cyber threats are everywhere, and travelers unaware of security best practices can be sitting ducks. You should be using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which allows you to safely access your network through public Wi-Fi. Adhere to following these best practices, especially while carrying a pathway to your critical data.

Update and Back Up

Be sure your software is fully updated to take advantage of the latest security updates.

Back up, back up, back up. With everything that can go wrong on the road, including your device getting lost or stolen, keeping your work backed up to the cloud is a no-brainer.

Public Hotspots are Risky

Many hackers name their own Wi-Fi connections to mimic the name of an establishment’s actual Wi-Fi network. For example, say you’re staying at the (fictitious) Motel Morris and you see the options of MOTEL_MORRIS_GUEST or MOTELMORRIS_FREEWIFI. Which one is real? Always confirm which WiFi to use with someone associated with the establishment. Also, if the WiFi connection claims to require a software update, disconnect and inform management at once.

The Briefer, the Better

The longer you spend connected to public Wi-Fi, the longer a hacker has to detect and infiltrate your system. If you aren’t actively working on something, disconnect and log back in later. As irksome as it may be, it’s better than being hacked.

Keep It To Yourself

If possible, use your own data plan and create a hotspot to access materials online, especially if financial matters and accounts are concerned. This will make it harder for hackers to infiltrate.

Do You Know Where Your Device Is?

Never leave your devices, including storage solutions, unsecured or unattended. If leaving your devices in your hotel room, keep them well-secured, just in case.

You can work efficiently while traveling without losing data security. With the proper safeguards in place and the application of a few best practices, you can make the best use of your time.

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