The Ancient Bits of Paper System

Consider for a moment how many documents are floating around your business at any given point. Memos, notes, invoices, receipts, bits of paper, all floating around the office. This isn’t a great approach, and the filing cabinet is pretty cumbersome.

Obviously, in a modern office, we have alternatives to the filing cabinet and other antiquated document management options. Businesses today can effectively go paperless. But do they?

The Printer: An Inefficient Paper Hog

Honestly, printing expenses take a chunk out of the budgetary pie chart. Between the costs of the printers and other hardware components, ink cartridges, paper, and the cost of filing time, it’s not cheap. Furthermore, if a physical document was filed incorrectly, it has to be found by hand.

Let’s review some better solutions.

Digital Document Management

If you can turn documents into searchable PDF files, you can search for them at computer speed, rather than fumbling through a file cabinet for a hard copy. You are also reducing printing costs and saving time.

Yes, a document management system has an initial cost, but it’s a worthwhile investment which quickly proves its worth. And once the solution is in place, the only costs it creates are the ones needed to support the hosting platform.

Document Digitization

Digitizing documents makes it simpler to store vast amounts of data, and also makes documents much easier to locate. When staff needs to view a document, they just search for the right keywords and the document will pop right up.


The big question is, how are your documents secured within your document management solution? It’s a cloud-hosted solution, so you need an access control solution. Most platforms come with access control baked-in, some even using biometrics or two-factor authentication. A private cloud database gives you even more access control. Once implemented, you can securely access any document needed from anywhere that has Internet access.

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