Here’s something computer users wherever they are have in common: cords, wires and adapters sitting in a drawer or cupboard, doing nothing more than take up space. Is that you? Of course it is. Old or broken devices are replaced, the new one has its own cabling and so all the old bits go into a box ‘just in case’ they come in handy. And the reality is, they often don’t. So get rid of them – and here are some tips on the proper way to deal with unwanted accessories and tech waste.

Take Inventory

Don’t just grab it all and throw it out. Go through it to see if there’s anything that could be useful – because your instinct that they might be worth keeping isn’t necessarily all wrong. Duplicate chargers and adapters can be handy as a backup spare, especially with mobile devices where accessories can go astray in transit. Smartphone chargers with USB Type-A and Type-C cords can be handy if you have visitors, because most smartphone adapters will work to charge other devices in common areas, especially if they’re the same brand.

Discard Unwanted Cables Responsibly

Tech waste adds to the planet’s problems with pollution, so make sure you do it properly, by recycling it. One way or another, surplus cabling can be recycled. Those unwanted cables could be useful to someone else, so ask around. There might well be someone desperately seeking the exact same thing that is no longer any good for your purposes.

For the bits and pieces no-one else wants, recycle them in the correct way. If you’re in our area, at Quikteks Tech Support we recycle all types of hardware and connectors. Otherwise, check with your local recycling center. There are regulations about disposing of computer waste and there are specialized centers that have been set up to deal with the problem. Look up the National Center for Electronics online. Alternatively you can call 1-800-Recycling for information on what to do.

Are you one of the millions with unwanted computer components that need to be recycled? Give us a call at (973) 882-4644 and one of our technicians can help you get your old technology to go where it needs to go.

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