Wi-Fi has completely changed the playing field for the modern office. Connecting to the Internet without being physically connected to it has been incredibly freeing, and opens up all sorts of possibilities for business, but bad Wi-Fi is the kiss of death. Make sure that your Wi-Fi signals are as clear and reliable as possible.

Wi-Fi has become so common that people expect it to be available everywhere and all the time. In fact, 42 percent of employees have found that it’s a major contributing factor toward greater productivity in the workplace. Even the slightest interruption causes big drama. In the workplace, Wi-Fi downtime can mean a loss of productivity, which can cost your organization significantly.

Here are some ways that you can improve the quality of your Wi-Fi connection:

Test your speed

First, test to see if it really needs improving. You can call your ISP, or you can run one of the various speed tests that you can find online.

Find the Spot

Once you know your expected Wi-Fi speed, look at where your office’s connection is strongest and weakest. There are several mobile apps that can create a WiFi heatmap of your office. Use your heatmapping app to find the location with the best signal strength for your router.

Check for firmware updates

If your router has outdated firmware installed, then it has plenty of untapped potential. Consult your IT department, then go to the manufacturer’s website and download the latest firmware.

Reconfigure your router

Your router could be the problem. Access your router’s dashboard through your computer’s web browser and reconfigure it for greater speed. Of course, discuss the changes with your IT provider first.

Replace your router

Your router may simply be too old to be effective in today’s internet. Your technology should evolve and adapt as your organization does, so if your router is older, it’s probably time to upgrade.

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