To prolong the life of your tech solutions, you need to provide proper maintenance. Are you giving your technology the TLC it needs? You might need a little help.

Network Monitoring Makes Upkeep Much Easier

You know that technology solutions need regular maintenance. If they didn’t, Quikteks wouldn’t be in business. For your solutions to work efficiently and reliably, someone needs to be monitoring your network. You could hire an internal IT tech to handle your IT support needs, but he or she will end up overwhelmed. Managing an entire business’ IT concerns and moving the business tech forward is more than one person can reasonably handle.

With our network monitoring and managed care services, you can focus your time on business. With our team monitoring your network and solutions for issues, you won’t have to worry about it.

Updates Will Be Handled

Until a software solution reaches its end-of-life, software developers generally continue to improve their titles. Updates contain upgrades and patches to resolve security and functionality issues. With all the software programs you have, who at your business says on top of updates?

The Quikteks team has it handled, and with a managed service agreement, we install these updates remotely when it is appropriate, after hours so you are never impacted. Your team can just continue on with business as usual.

You’ll Have a Resource to Assist You With Upgrades

When you are contemplating the next technology, it’s always good to have an expert opinion. As newer solutions come along with better security features and greater efficiency, you need advice from a professional tech who knows your business intimately.

Quikteks can help you decide which technology solution to adopt next, taking your current IT infrastructure, software, and business strategy in mind. Our relationship with assorted vendors also means we can sometimes get you a deal.

Interested? Give us a call. We have much more to offer than what we covered here. Give Quikteks a call at (973) 882-4644

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