b2ap3_thumbnail_feedly400.pngThe expiration date for Google Reader is set for July 1, 2013. Google’s decision to axe the Reader was not because it was unpopular, but rather, it seems like Google wants to focus their energy into fewer products. This announcement leaves many Google faithful out in the cold, and Feedly has welcomed the Google huddled masses yearning to read free.

Feedly is an alternative reader that has attracted over 3 million new users since the announcement of Google Reader’s demise. Many new Feedly users have found the service to be comparable and even superior to Google Reader, and Feedly has made switching easy with a quick authorization process. Here are three Feedly features that the former Google users are enjoying the most.

Same Function, Different Design

No two readers are designed alike. Whereas the Google Reader has a simpler look that is consistent with the rest of Google’s apps, Feedly has a more modern and colorful feel to it that uses more images and looks more like a magazine. As is the case when switching to any new software, there will be a small period for adjustment. To help new users adapt, Feedly has made their layout customizable to fit users personal taste.

A Hidden Subscription List

One feature that may initially throw off former Google Reader users is that Feedly hides the subscription list. To see your subscription list, you will hover over an icon at the top left corner. This will give you more room for text and pictures, which is kind of the point of a reader. On the upper hand side of the screen there is another hidden menu that will allow users to read the article later by shipping it to apps such as Evernote, Instapaper, and Pocket.

Feedly Mobile

Feedly has a mobile app available on both Android and iOS. Feedly mobile offers the same Magazine and List view as the desktop version, but there is also another view called Cards that is optimized for the small screens of mobile devices. Cards view will fill the screen with one picture and the title of an article at a time, and with the swipe of your finger you will be able to view the next article headline. To read the article, you will then click on the picture and Freedly will open the article in the mobile app instead of the web browser.

While there are other readers on the market to check out, Feedly has been getting the most love from former Google Reader users who could really use a virtual hug after experiencing the loss of their trusted reader sidekick. Check out Freely for yourself and let us know in the comments what you think!

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