Over time your business accumulates files that need to be stored but remain accessible to your staff. Since much of today’s work style is collaborative, you need the right file sharing and collaboration solution. Here are three pointers for a more efficient file management system.

1. Plan Your File Storage

Efficient collaboration needs to be simple. Files should always be accessible to multiple people. This makes it a bit more complex. Some features of a comprehensive file sharing platform are:

  • Shallow folders – The deeper your folders, the more you could lose track of data. Keep it to three folders if possible.
  • Coordinated filings – If you have files that pertain to more than one project, file a copy in each project file. You’ll waste less time searching around.
  • Relevant naming – Want to find what you need quickly? Name folders and files according to their practical purpose.
  • Consistent use of file types – Save file types in the manner in which works best for everyone. Streamlining saves time.
  • No trash – Keep your folders tidy. If a file doesn’t belong in a folder, throw it out.

By having a system in place, your team can find documents and files more efficiently.

2. Be Collaborative, But In Control

Collaboration is the name of the game now. In a global economy, fat margins are a thing of the past, so people work together to generate revenue. That makes access control more of an issue. Decision makers to have a plan in place. Not everyone on staff needs access to all the information; it can lead to security issues. It’s smart to set permissions on your file-sharing system.

3. Prioritize Data Security

Simplicity and access control help keep your file sharing platform secure, but to keep your data safe you need to go further.

  • Encrypt your drives – Encryption will give you better file security.
  • Use a VPN – Use remote workers? A virtual private network will prevent files from being intercepted by cybercriminals.

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