Even if you’re only a little bit tech-smart you’ll know that antivirus software is absolutely essential to protect against online threats. And yet viruses and other bugs that can completely cripple your system sometimes get through. If your antivirus software has been disabled, even for a short while, you could be next. Don’t let this happen to you!

Why is this still an issue?

Why would anyone disable the antivirus protection on their computer? Not many people are inexperienced enough to turn it off altogether, but most antivirus programs have an option to disable it temporarily. And that can be tempting in some circumstances.

Antivirus software can be a nuisance. Time is wasted when boxes keep popping up to tell you that a website’s security certificate has expired. Sometimes sites won’t load unless you turn off the adblocker in your AV program first. Antivirus software can sometimes be greedy with memory, resulting in computer lag. The fastest solution for all these irritations is to pause antivirus protection, but you and your business could pay a big price for that quick fix.

Who’s at fault?

No one sets out to infect their computer with a crippling virus. Usually, it’s because users don’t fully understand what antivirus software does, and how it does it. If a PC is slow, it might look as if it’s the antivirus software that’s using the most processing power. Shutting it down might give an instant performance boost. But people should realize that antivirus software keeps working, even if it doesn’t look like it. It’s constantly scanning, updating, and processing all new data that gets downloaded, in order to detect and eliminate any threats.

Employers have a responsibility to ensure that their staff know never to disable antivirus software, for any reason. Don’t assume that staff know all the ins and outs of the programs you provide for use. A couple of hours training could avert future disaster. If users really have to close programs to conserve memory, then make sure they know the antivirus software needs to be running 24/7. If an adblocker needs to be disabled, it can be toggled off without shutting down the whole antivirus program.

The bottom line

No ifs, no buts. There’s never a good reason to disable your antivirus software. If speed is the problem, there are other solutions, like buying extra memory. It’s worth it because contracting a virus on your PC will cost a whole lot more. If your work environment is networked then every computer on it is potentially at risk – as well as the clients and colleagues you communicate with.

Your system’s antivirus software is one of the most crucial components of your company’s network security. You wouldn’t leave the office door unlocked – so don’t leave your computer open to attack. For more ideas on how to keep your computers safe from viruses that could rob you of your technology, give Quikteks a call at 973-882-4644.

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